Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good News

You know I found out last night, December 12, 2008 that Ugochi Selman gave birth to two beautiful babies, a girl and then  a boy.  All healthy and doing well.  I also found out that Banji Bamidele Adeyemo is now engaged to be married- I am so happy for all of these wonderful news and I pray that everything continues to go well.  I will be spending Xmas and the New Year with my beautiful husband that I've missed so much.   I have a lot to look forward to and I pray that the Lord allows me to contain myself :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love that is lonely is like a root that
is scrambling with its soil to germinate
My heart has been lonely this past few months
Without you, things are a lot difficult
There is no one to share my deep thoughts
or secrets with, no one to tease, 
no one to talk too when there is a horrible day
which unfortunately happens often.
I miss cooking for you and your smiles
I miss the comfort of laying next to you
Love is strange but when it finds you,
you become one in the other
We have both found a certain dependence 
in each other that we both crave 
We have been apart for too long
and in a few weeks we will be in each others arms-
Shy at first but then acquainted in a few seconds
I love you and I pray that our love will never die.


The shameful things that women do!

This week has been strange.  I some how got dragged into a matter involving two couples- one of them being a relative.  Interestingly, his boo broke up with him because he is a goat and so on.  It all started at 0230 when I got a call from this relative and I answered- now I am a worrier.  So I asked is everything ok.  He replies please stay on the phone, she is here and I want you to just talk to me.  She comes in hugs and kisses him and then gets angry made a few comments and leaves.  Then I ask, wassup?  he answers, she broke up with me three months ago and we talked about it- she said we are not compatible but she has not been able to let me go since then.  She wants me to go to the mall with her? she wants to change at my house? she wants to stop by whenever she wants to? she harasses me with constant text messages? she has accused my friends of wanting to sleep with her.  She wants me to have no friends- she wants to see me miserable- I mean how can I move on with my life.  hmmm interesting I say...he cont'd she has even threatened to run me over with her car and wash me bleed.  I say...OMG! what did you do? Nothing while I was with her but she constantly accuses me of using her because of mistakes I made before my relationship with her.  His mother is concerned and worried.  So I go out of my way to try and reason with the girl- I mean you never know, there might be something I don't know.  She replies me with a lot of anger more towards this relative, mainly about not getting an apology and that she was used.  In the end she says she is trying to move on, so I encourage her and tell her to focus on moving on before she makes the biggest mistake of her life... interestingly she comes back with constant persistence about how everyone around her has done wrong- how something is everyone's fault but nothing is her fault.  I got frustrated and thought- well that's it maybe his mom can reason with her mom.  Especially, since I can't reason with her and his life might be possibly in danger.  Somehow, she discovered my intentions and went aloof, accusing him of stealing gifts she bought for him, accusing him of abuse and rape and threatening to contact the po po- it gets better or worst.  Calls his friends and shares secrets about them to hurt them and turn them against this poor guy.  She drags more people into the "nothing" plus confusion.  Can we grow up please!  I advised this relative to return all of the gifts and he packed it up and gave it to a friend to give it to her- interestingly she refused to accept it from his friend because she wanted to make a public scene and sending a friend will not allow her that honor.  This friend ended up throwing it into her car and walking away and she shamefully drove off.  The shameful things that women do for the sake of men.  It was a sour day in the sweet bitter life of muah!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The First Black American President- 44th President!

A day to always remember- a great speech. I couldn't stop crying because I know that we are embarking on a great journey. One that our forefathers began a very long time ago. We still have to continue praying for God's guidance, he surely knows what he is doing. It is not the answer to the end of racism, but it is a start towards the future of everyone who has experienced what it feels to be a minority. It is the beginning for many people who had doubt in their mind or questioned that they have a voice. I pray everyday for mine and other people's unborn children ... the children of tomorrow- cheers to more freedom!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today is amazing for me. A colored US citizen competes for presidency. We have come a long way ...fighting to not have to sit at the back of the bus, to attend the same schools, to worship in the same building etc. You know even if he (i.e. Obama) doesn't win, this is already a change. God has led us this far and is trying to tell the whole world something- maybe we should learn from it.
For me, I never saw so much racism until I moved to the United States and daily I live with it. People trying to guess where I'm from because I made it this far in my career or because of my morals. Or people looking down on me until they know my status. I refuse to distinguish myself until asked. I associate with the other staff including the janitors because they are human beings like me- you know when we all are in heaven, I know none of these things will matter. So why not begin to change things now.
Like I said is already a blessing and a change for me not to talk of other people who never thought or dreamt of a day so beautiful.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I miss him

It is kinda crazy that I never thought I would be this close to anyone. In fact I never allowed myself to get this close and then Jude came along. He is everything to me, I hate it when he's hurt, sad, angry. I hate it when he's not around and I am happy when he's there. Sometimes, I think we are crazy- i mean based on some of the decisions we made because of our future and our families. It makes me wonder somewhat ...
He is gone for OCS and I miss talking with him, I miss talking his ear out, I miss hearing how his day went, I miss hearing him laugh, I miss his beautiful smile ... I can go on forever but it will not make him come home or shorten the duration of his training. I read a letter yesterday that he wrote to me telling me how he feels lonely sometimes not talking to me. You know people I feel the same way. But the irony is that Jude is in training with so many people and I work with so many people and friends but yet we are lonely. It is a diffenrent kind of loneliness- it is sort of like our hearts are starved from each others love.
I love you Jude and you take care of you. Hurry up and come home to me!

Monday, September 29, 2008

He is gone

I miss him so much.  He called yesterday and I was too tired to reach for the phone.  When I listened later for the message it said he was ready for bed and would be checking in at noon the day after.  I waited all morning for his call, and when it finally came I was ready.  I had prepared my good bye and had rehearsed it over and over in my sleep.  I was going to wish him good luck, one that would have been so sweet.  I wanted him to do well his first week but then before I had started he told me he would call back in a minute.  A minute came and went, and then an hour and so on.  ...He never called and I still jump every time the phone ring thinking he will call.  I wish him all the best at OCS.  I love you and my prayers are with you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

I have waited and waited ....too long.  One of my big fears is now finally here.  My wisdom tooth has grown too deep and around my nerve.  It hurts and now I have no choice but to have it extracted.  I am afraid ...I am afraid that they are going to use general anesthesia.  I am afraid of complications.  I am afraid of post-op pain.  I am scared of not being able to eat.  I am afraid of having to work in pain.  And guess what all of my friends except for Dupree are telling me negative experiences.  I kinda wish that Jude could be there with me but its understandable and I will be ok.

A few days left

My heart beats every morning when I wake up because it is one day closer to my husband's visit. I miss him so much, I mostly miss cooking for him. I hate missing his smiles and happiness. I wish we were growing in our marriage side by side. But hey is all good, some days are better than others. It can be frustrating- it isn't easy. Somedays, I don't feel like talking on the phone and how do you explain that when the phone is your only life line to your spouse. I like that residency has kept me well distracted from my emotions. I am very busy and I like it- it makes the day go by fast and it makes me focus on everything that is going on around me.
I love you Mr. Jude Chikaodinaka Iheanacho and I can't wait to listen to your heart beat. muah!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How did this weekend go by?

It has been a short weekend .... I went to bed late on Friday, at 0830 to be exact. Why? I have been having difficulty sleeping. It has happened on three consecutive days and I usually feel horrible in the AM. I think I am a little home sick; I miss my family and friends. It catches on to me sometimes. Anyways I've got to get up from this bed and prepare for church.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've taken a break to watch Girlfriends.  I am stuffed from eating too much food :)  I had a great relaxing bath in my jocose and after that a nice nap.  I met a Nigerian woman at work and I am looking out for some more.  Sometimes I wonder how much I have to give up, for my life gets more difficulty daily.  My life was simple and uncomplicated as far back as I could remember.  I always had time to meditate, time for school, time with my great family and with my friends.  It was lovely ... I had a lot of guy friends, because it was easier.  You know how guys can joke with other guys, make fun of each other and no one gets upset.  And that is why I always have guys friend was my way of getting out of the competition that goes on at my home.
Till today i can still make fun of my guy friends and they will just make fun at me back until we have to go.  It is being free, it is  being insensitive about nothing.  It is understanding each other and knowing that the other will never hurt you, it is knowing that we got each other's back.  It is a little different with some of my other friends.  Sometimes they judge that I will judge them before I even start talking.  It is like trying to read my mind but deliberately expecting something ill of me.  It is like there is always this competition of who is more right than the other, at times all I think about is how to stay sane or how to stay happy or happier.  I do that a lot with my siblings and my parents, should I argue or let it go.  Let it go, and forget about it is almost always my choice.  That earned me the name quiet and respectful one amongst my family.  My Sister Lilian can be odd sometimes but she knows I will not fight her back and it is funny the one person that tells me to stand up to them cannot stand it when I stand up to her.  Or when I question something that she did...I cannot say the normal joking things that I say to other people.  I have to create a different set of joke with her.   So was it always like this and I missed it.  Even now on the phone, I feel like we run out of things to talk about.  In a way, it is like we are no longer of interest to each other.  The times we do spend on the phone, I pay attention and I try to be careful because we may end up just going to bed without proper good byes.  Is it bad to think our friendship may not last, is it a coward thought to think this?  it is scary to fight over dumb things ... I think this is why they saw the woman or man is always right - my translation is let it go because it is not about winning this argument it is about being happy and staying sane.  But it is always about winning and who will apologize first, and a lot of sadness and bad thoughts following the fight.  So we know ourselves, one fight, then another, then another, then a very big one and then ... wow  
We secretly do what we need to do to avoid one but then she likes to uplift herself, o I have been doing this to prevent one, you like to start something ... does it sound to you like children?  well it does to me.  I will no longer try to come up with solutions because she gets angry that I came up with it and I am trying to boss her around and make her follow it....It doesn't matter to me any longer.  A lot of things does not matter to me any longer, I like being me and our weakest habit is communication and it has hurt us and it will continue to hurt us until ... too doos have a wonderful night

Today so far

Men! for some reason I cried myself to sleep and it felt good to cry; it was as if I let go a lot of crap...well I woke up at 0500 and showered then went back to sleep.  This time I didn't have to cry my self to sleep.  I woke up and off I go to work in the yard.  I worked all day cutting down the two big trees in my backyard.  I mowed the lawn and I did a beautiful job especially compared to last week lol.  I met Mr. Chuck (my backyard neighbor) he is hilarious.  Get this his starting line was no one told him he has a beauty for a neighbor.  We talked about a lot and he gave me some hint about my lawn an trees.  Everyone here has been wonderful.  I am having a wonderful day and nothing will ruin it for me.  I will shower and go down to the park and then to the base to run ...I feel exceptionally well today and I haven't spent time on Facebook (need to cut down more) or myspace (cut down a lot) or hi5 (cut down plenty).  It is a good day to do ALSO.  Be good y'all!   

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sigh ....

For now I can't keep up with my blog- I need to prioritize.  I miss my hubby, my family and friends.  I am enjoying my calling hence I have very little regrets.  I am ready to start a family and I look forward to what God has planned for us.  I look forward to learning a lot about wifehood (especially supporting my military driven husband), motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood, granddaughterhood, friendhood, christianhood and at the same time a servant to all of my patients.

Monday, June 16, 2008

PR 6/11-6/16

I just returned from PR and it was ok.  Lots of good times and some annoying times that ruined things slightly.  I need to stop imagining things because rarely does it happen based on my imaginations. Later...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am trying to be numb

Its been a while I visited you...for some reason I remember to write when something interesting happens in my life.  I remembered it like yesterday when I learned that I should be careful the words I use to my loved ones, because they will remember it forever.  An apology results in forgiveness but how come it is so difficult to forget.  My theory is if you help yourself understand why you are wrong this one time, I bet it will help you not to repeat it again.  For example let us say your husband complains about how you only think about yourself and so you went out and bought your hubby an expensive watch when you both are in a pretty severe financial ditch.  Oh he is raged and angry and wants you to return it.  Now you are angry because you expected him to be excited but instead he tells you the same things, he screams at you saying think! think! think!
Stop... evaluate why he is angry? he is not angry about what you bought he doesn't like what you bought because of your financial situation.  Don't conclude that he never thinks anything you do is right is just inappropriate today.  He probably could have said it in a much nicer way, but understand that he is frustrated and no one is ever happy when in a financial ditch.  Why am I telling you this...I am reading a series of book about how to stay married ... I will be very honest with you.  My husband and I are in love and because of that we argue- sometimes I even feel like he is competing with me- 'let's see how many people will think I'm right and you are wrong" but at times depending on the situation, you are just wrong not a whole lot you can do about it.  I have a lot to learn myself and I will go on to keep reading.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is interesting

No correction taken sir/ma'am
No correction ever taken sir/ma'am
that is the summary of life
no human ever want's to be wrong 
but are we not destined to make mistakes
especially since we are mortals.
So why is it that every time we say we
do not like something hence, we don't want it to
repeat itself- it sounds like a hateful
comment.  Ben is angry that Betsy is angry
or that she did not take the news as expected.
And because of that takes it upon himself,
that it is his fault that she is unhappy, and thinks
of ways to have composed himself differently. 
But Betsy thinks the composition was great.  She 
is glad that he told her even though the news 
ruined her evening.  However, it is what
happened that upset Betsy, it is that, that 
prompted her to write.  Ben needs to accept 
that the mistake has been made, and agree that 
it will not repeat itself. But instead of saying I will
be careful next time, there is an argument first 
and then afterwards he accuses her of saying 
something wrong -it is the way you said it.  
Why can't it be? I did not expect it to
be this hurtful and it will not repeat itself.
Why not save each other some trouble and
be happy. But instead he says Betsy you are 
always mad for too long ...
Little things always upset you...
Ben maybe telling the truth but is it appropriate to 
say such things to Betsy not that she hurts. Is it 
appropriate to say things that make situations
worst.  The interesting thing is we all have our 
own faults.  Betsy hates to also be corrected
but the one she does't do is when one tells her
something annoyed or hurt their feelings
She hates to dwell on it for the sake of defending 
herself.  In fact she doesn't even need to say it 
twice that she will do her best for it not to 
happen again or else she forgets.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a Cruel day?

I have been stressed, so stressed that acne has taken over my face.  I found that acne corresponds to when I am stressed.  Today has been painful but I am done crying.  I am disappointed but it is not the first disappointment in my life nor the last one that I will ever encounter.  However, it is hard not to be disappointed.  Let us leave it at that- for the memory of my thought will never leave me.  
Anyways, on another note, I have two more days of school left, I have packing to do-need to move.  I am yet to find someone to sublet my house, graduation is right around the corner, there are too many expenses to be made and future plans to think about.  From school to residency, the stress of a human (me) training to be a doctor and a doctor (me) training to be human.  The stress of being a wife, a sister, a daughter, an in-law, a friend...I need a break.  Maybe all of these is happening for a reason- like maybe in a way God is trying to tell me that I haven't earned that break.  I await and long for the day that I will earn that rest, maybe the paradise I will get to enjoy will be the eternal one.  The one I live every day so that some day it will be a dream come true.

The weekend of 5/2/08

A memorable weekend for both Families. Amaka graduated from her Doctor of Pharmacy and Jude graduated from his Masters in Aeronautical Space Engineer. Jude had completed his degree and received his diploma a year ago but missed last year's graduation. I am proud of the two of them and I cooked and danced all weekend. They both went through a lot and they both deserved it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I want Peace, and is that too much to ask
Peace! do you not hear me calling your name
Peace you must not forsake me
I want and need you,
in my home
amongst siblings & friends of this generations
in my heart
in the world
I cannot stand chaos
But yet chaos is important to achieve peace
Peace! Please answer me when I call
Or have you reached out to me?
Have you passed by me and I missed you?
Why me?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Tale of a Confused Friend

She is beautiful and spent her whole life running from the very same being that will later come to seek her.  haha Her words during our schools days sounded to everyone like one who knew nothing.  But to me, it was a voice who knew some things but pretended for some reason not to know at all.  I believe it was to scare some away and attract people with intellect, that can clearly see what she was doing.  I thought at times that she listened to keen to the voice of the ones who introduced her to earth and I always prayed that one day she will think up a big decision all by herself.  That day I think is here, she is having to face reality of been a woman. 
 A lad has found her and wants to court her and ahhh it is different because she wants to be courted.  However a part of her refuses; this defines the shallow part of been human- our heart and mind does not agree.  He is older and has lived his life and is ready to settle, he had all his time to contemplate on things and is content with his and ready to make 1 + 1=1.  Sounds very familiar but I was as good as it gets and he wanted me badly, and despite the fear that he would leave, I knew he had no other option.  I was his price from God and I saw it from the very beginning.  
Anyways, she on the other hand, is younger, tender, she never thought that she will fall for a lad and so never contemplated it, so is unsure of what she wants.  She feels trapped; o well he seems like a nice man and one that would have been my ideal if I ever considered marriage (at least she thinks) but I just want to be sure.  However, if I continue to tell him this and he walks out of my life, who is to say that I have not made the biggest mistake of my life.  
Love is complicated and so no one is yet to define it accurately and no one ever will.  I say it is not a necessity to begin matrimony however, it will later be the pillar that will keep the union ongoing.  
My advice- don't waste your time on test questions because man failed the first test at the Garden of Eden and will continue to fail.  Always ask questions as if you wouldn't care either way or as if you already know the answer, that way he is comfortable enough to tell you of most but not all truths.  As human beings we always have a tendency of been to quick to judge especially if we have never done that act.  So never carry yourself as a perfectionist (esp. if you like the other) because it helps the person be at ease and not feel like they have to uplift themselves to please you.  
Have fun and share with each other your day to day experiences, past and future dreams.  Basically learn as much as you can.  If he/she is your first, it wouldn't hurt to talk to others that way you can pick and choose the best.  I ended all of my other friends within 4 months of talking to my now husband.  I knew I had to learn as much as I could about him, and I didn't have time to call the other man :)  
Don't believe everything that they tell you.  Think about yourself when you go for an interview on a job that you want really bad, there are things you leave out hoping they will not find out, hoping it is irrelevant and you don't feel like explaining it (doesn't even have to be bad).  What if someone asked you on the spot?  that's kinda how it is...he knows what he wants and he is sort of the interviewee, because he has to convince you.  
Eventually take a marriage course before you even plan the marriage.  it will help you both open your eyes to the issues of marriage and give you more to talk about.  The truth is one may be experienced when it comes to relationships or sex but both are clueless usually to issues of marriage or else one of you have been married before.  It is fun to learn it together.  I love my marriage and I want everyone to have the same...I pray for her every morning and night and for my family and friends in the same both, single and ready for marriage.  That they listen to God almighty and make the right decisions so that we can eat moi-moi and dance :)
Pray through it all and forever.  When you find that he is the one, begin some of your practices like saying your bedtime prayers together- for a family that prays together...
I wish you all the luck in the world and I am praying for you. 

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Boat of Opportunity

So many of my pals yearned 
To sail in my boat, though
'Opportunity' does not favor all.
She enabled me to sail
Far far away, across the Atlantic. 
She sent me off herself but cautioned
That I never forget.
For me, It was never a straight path 
but I mastered well the crooked trails.
UFCOM was a path 
That I tidied for me and my pals.
To my well wishers,
The Motherland extends to you 
Her warmest thanks; ('dalu so').
My diligence was never to impress you
Nor was it for my admiration and respect.
Rather it was for those I left behind
The ones that gave the lots
So that I can sail 
In that Boat of Opportunity.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a day a long day

I made 24 today but it felt worst than any other day.  I didn't have to be at work today and I also had no plans.  What a day!  Some called, and I didn't hear it because my phone was on silent. But some I did hear and I didn't feel like talking.  I spoke to Tolu today, and then I was off to get a physician's signature.  The receptionist was rude because I was slightly late but I was seen and walked away content.  O I spoke with ChiChi today and read messages of bday wishes...o what a day.  I got calls from Jude, and also spent some time with Obioma on the phone...I called Allison to see if I could visit the baby but guess what she was asleep.  I missed her messages when the baby woke up...o it is a horrible day.  And of all the day to pick an argument ughhh it was today.  listened to my phone messages and the two bests were Uchenna's and Sister Lilian's.  I am irritable for I have had an awful birthday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You r not going to believe it

Cobweb made an invisible appearance. If cobweb came with good intentions, we don't know because like I said ..kinda invisible.  On rehearsal dinner, he showed but not her.  What a waste? Our biggest mistake!

I am now complete

It was the saddest but also the happiest day of my life. It was the day that I felt like I was to leave home, my siblings, my family into a new home. It felt different, but yet i was happy. I was happy that after everything we went through, Jude and I had finally made it to the wedding. It was very emotional and very hard to fight the tears of joy. I had so many well wishers, not including those that couldn't make it. It was a beautiful day, a memorable day for ever and be continued

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a day

I had a good day today. I completed my paper; took care of some financial stuff; met with Andrea. We exchanged gifts- the four of us (me, Tori, Andrea and Kim) decided to exchange gifts and I have enjoyed mine so far. I shared with Andrea the traditional wedding album, and she enjoyed it as well. I love spending time with my friends and I can't believe we are parting, they are just great people to be around.
I drove to David's bridal and met with my sister, she was to join me to pick up my wedding dress. It was nice to hear her opinion about everything and it was nice to enjoy her company. She came by afterwards at the house and we talked and enjoyed dinner together. My in-laws and husband enjoyed her company and was surprised when she got up to leave, they wanted her to stay. I can't believe I will be living so far away from my family.
The rest of the evening thus far was spent chit-chatting with my in-laws and relaxing with my husband. I got a call from a very good friend that was invited to our wedding but failed to RSVP after so many attempts on my part to get them to RSVP. It meant so much to me that they attended but I thought they weren't interested, since no one called me or responded. It is unfortunate that now that the deadline is passed I heard from them. This has been the hardest thing to do, to say no to any of my well-wishers; I feel so special that so many people care to share in our joy.
I dream sometimes of the wedding feast at Cannan, an open feast and a miracle that will provide plenty to eat and drink. Besides that, it has been a good day and I have big plans for later today....hmmm it is now 7 more days left and this sums up an episode of the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where did I match?

In University of Kansas, Wichita. I felt it all along that I belonged there but I needed to know that I had all of my husband's support. He was there for me from point A to Z and I felt that not including him in this decision meant kicking him off the curb. He remains so dear in my heart, we sat there and of course I was nervous. I gave it to Jude to open it and o of course as suspected, it was my first choice. I am ready for the change and I am truly blessed that I have this great opportunity. Amaka, is excited for me although I sense she wishes it wasn't so far away; Olisa is happy for me but he is still awed by the strangeness; Uchenna is happy for me but teases me about the decision (LOL); Chioma is excited for me but is shocked that her sister is really moving; Sister Lilian is indifferent but wishes I will stay closer; my parents- I'm not quite sure; My in laws are not sure what to make of it. It was a tough decision, and the longest decision I've ever made, it was well thought out with many prayers but in the end I had to decide on what was best for us, and for my future. ...So today is a sweet day in the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

I can't sleep

It is 1:58 am on March 20,2008. I should be in bed by now but my mind is racing and I cannot sleep. It is 9 more days to our holy matrimony, and there are still things left to do. I have my research paper due last week, and it is still undone. Yesterday, was Chioma's bday and I almost forgot to call her. Uchenna and Olisa had a performance today at the Reitz union and I missed the whole show. Can you sense my tiredness? Today is a big day though, I find out where I matched for residency. I am a little nervous not about finding out but about me and my husband's first year as residents. I hope we score as high as we did in medical school or even higher. I hope we support each other 24/7, I pray for understanding and a long lasting marriage. I pray that I never become one of those statistics. I love my husband, and he means the world to me even if at times I don't think he realizes how much he means to me. I will go make myself go to sleep, good is neither sweet or bitter, it is just sour...but it is still yet another episode of the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ok so all day we never discussed the argument, I figured he didn't care to know.  He has to win the arguments, or else he ends up saying that wasn't his argument. i.e. The traditional wedding band- their time of arrival.  The bible questions of his friend that he didn't know. But o know, if he didn't know it, I didn't know it either or my answer doesn't make sense, someone else had to tell him too.  
Even if I tell him I've read it or I know, he has to see the proof.  It is impossible, I cannot know it all but who said I did. Interesting isn't it. Everything with him is all about people watching, we went to visit some friends, and we pretended like all was well, this behavior was very typical of my father and I hated it.  He would have discussed it if I still acted angry but I dropped it although I was still very hurt.  I gave up bringing it up and tried to forget about it, but guess what it will always come back to hunt us because a day will come when it will arise, since it was never quenched.  
Sunday morning, another argument, about the time we came home from buying a goat....ok hold on let me check my phone, the date he gave didn't match up with my phone.  I wasn't disagreeing with his knowledge but how come my phone doesn't match up, how come my calculation didn't match up, but instead he rolls his eyes and tells me to take it or leave it (as if he was been challenged by me).  (am I so jobless that I choose to argue about the date- I wanted to know and I asked) Now a normal human being would try to figure it out with me; 1.e. let's see if we have the right date and then let's count back 8 days.  Then he realized he was wrong because he remembered the correct date but it is one of those things that if he didn't remember we will never sort it out because he doesn't really care, he isn't wrong. 
Now if he cared about learning the information, or the argument was dear to his heart do you not think he would go look up the statistics himself???? i.e. it is like an argument about bacterial  vaginosis- it took three arguments before he finally looked up the information. I didn't know what I was talking about until our relationship almost fell flat right in front of us and then it mattered to him and he looked it up.  Does it seem like someone that argues for a purpose??? or someone that argues purposelessly???  I hate arguing..... I told him what could cost the infection but every time he knew better and would argue about always seemed to him like I blamed him for it but it was true that tamper with the vaginal flora cost it; I answer his questions even when playful, he finds a way that the blame is placed on him, it is sad because he is not the only one in my life that has this feelings.
It is funny people after meeting me tend to assume I am perfect in school, religious life, relationships, sex etc. why? I'm not sure...well because of this a little part of them are always in secure around me, so when I say something they always tend to challenge it either to proof that they also know things or to challenge me and proof to me that I wasn't perfect.  It is interesting how it works, because when someone else repeats the comment that I made it is not attacked as much as when I make it.  OR if I made that same comment in another setting it is not challenged.  It is funny because even they don't know when they do it or when they are caught doing it. It is an instinct that they cannot control. I am not perfect, I do things for me and not to please everybody else.
He came back to get me in the car only because he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of his parents, however, if I sat in the car and took it, nothing would have been discussed like Friday night, and when he came home he still did his best and kept it on the down low but never once touched on the topic.  It is also interesting what he took away from my grandma's advice, we should keep our tome down, however I don't believe my grandma doesn't want us to solve our problems, I also don't think my grandma meant that her granddaughter should be hurt in the means of keeping quiet.  It is fake to me when you do things differently because others are watching.  It is annoying when he always thinks someone is out to put him down or to blame him, I am not trying to brag but I had many options so did I have to choose the one just so that I can blame him, just so that I can call him good for nothing for the rest of my life, or just so that I can tell him how much he made more mistakes than me, and so hurts to hear such silly comments and if we continue to use this kinds of statements every time something needs to change or every time one is corrected. The other feels useless and walks away from your life.  At times I see my father in him, he never takes correction and it is always ur fault; "it is ur tone of voice" "u don't talk to me respectfully" "u need to change" "u do it too" "u always have to blame me" is never I gat you, I never notice it but now I will work on paying attention and avoiding such behaviors .... If he knows he is not going to win, he wants it to stop; or if he looses he still we never admit you are right, instead he will never mention that topic again :( Our culture and manhood and age -I don't think it will all ever come together to me. I know my life will be sweet and at times it will be bitter, but the bitter times throw me so much out of focus and I hope that one day it doesn't become so unbearable that I walk away from all these. Hence, the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess. 

It Makes No Sense

Friday afternoon, on March 14th.  We walked in to the court house happy and left angry at each other.  It is times like this that churn my stomach for the worst.  I was making an observant of why I thought many of these sites have a particular odor to it.  Which I thought, of the people that come in to these places, it had a common denominator; this I whispered to him.  It turned into an argument; it was one of his many arguments that never really begins or end, it is usually maybe  I disagree or agree, or maybe I would like to challenge it.  We went back and forth and some how I mentioned that many of the rich folks, don't come standing in line in the courthouse and he said what do you think these places are for, you think only the poor come here.  No that is not what I said, this is made for everyone and I told him I knew the purpose of the court house.  But the rich folks pay their trusted lawyers to take care of everything, since they are usually busy working.  I must have said something and then like a gun shot he said, doctors are not the richest, and what about other professions. And I said it doesn't matter, all rich people are included.  And then malpractice is not necessarily a criminal offense, and then more crimes happens in the ghetto, and he wanted proof of that.  (None of this made sense)  Now you know what is interesting is that this same statement was made about a week or so ago, Jude left his door wide open and went to work all day.  He had also dropped his wallet on the floor outside and I found both his wallet and door with no robbery and I said to him wow, you have got to be careful.  What if you lived in the ghetto? and he said you are quite right, I am more lenient due to where I live, I usually live my door open argument guys.  I asked him why he chooses to live were he lives and why not save money and live in the ghetto? no response, I got the silent treatment.  However, my method of teaching things we will play this game probably a couple of times instead this time with me giving the silent treatment. Maybe after it annoys him he will not do it again.  That is usually the way that has worked with him, because if you bring up the issue, you will end up ruining your evening rather let him experience it and then let him be the one to complain and then you can mention when he has done the same.  But it tends to annoy him, because you didn't bring it up before, so it still brings up an argument but it is the only way I know to change things for the better. 
However, there are just certain times either he is in the mood to argue or he really feels like bringing whatever I say down, who knows? If you get it, please explain it to me.  It used to be quite worst and he said he loves argument and I told him point blank well I hate it! especially when it makes no sense. Which many of our arguments make no sense, hence the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wipe Out The Cobwebs In Your Life!!!

This is a true story of how ones kindness can be repaid with wickedness.
She happens to be a relative, but she is cold-hearted and narcissistic. Her name is Cobweb and her relative's name is Angel. Cobweb, about 3-4 years ago shared with Angel her troubles, she wanted to stay in the land of freedom but couldn't stay, for she had over exceeded her welcome. Angel felt deeply saddened for her and risks his career and status to bail her out. Angel got her out of trouble by disguising himself as Broom. Since then and until recently he protected Cobweb from been swept away, but has since then been in trouble himself. Angel is now disguised as Broom (same person) and Cobweb is Mrs Broom. She was no longer recognized as Cobweb, and hence she was never wiped out from the land. It was a big mistake but Angel will not find out until later. But Cobweb knew all along and enjoyed every ounce of the mistake, as she watched and laughed at Angels sufferings.
Mr. Brown (Angel) and Mrs. Brown (Cobweb) lived far, far away from each other and they lived their separate lives that way. Sometimes, they lived as what they truly were Angel and Cobweb, but whenever it was convenient, they pretended to be married as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
A short while after Angel helped Cobweb, she found her own alike, Dust. Dust got her pregnant, but before word could get around, he married her. They couldn't get married because Cobweb was also known as Mrs. Brown, so they sent word to a different land of their intentions of marriage. In this particular land, the couples did not have to be present to be married, they can designate someone from both sides of the family to represent them and perform all of the marital rites as well as state their intentions of marriage. This was exactly what Mrs. Brown (Cobweb) and Dust did.
Shortly after the marriage, Cobweb requested Mr. Broom to travel on short notice, for investigations were around the corner and he had to play his part as Mr. Broom. Cobweb made her request on such short notice, and Broom at the time didn't have that kind of money. So he thought, since this was all in her and Dust's favor, he would ask that her and Dust pay for his ticket, but they refused. So Mr. Broom had to borrow the money to pay for Cobweb's troubles. See, it wasn't so easy for Broom to get out of this mess, because if word were to get around that he disguised himself, he would end up been locked up or sent back to the forest where he came from. Mr. Broom forgave Cobweb and moved on, for she was one of his favorite relatives. However, Cobweb didn't get it! she is a selfish brat!
One day while Mr. Broom was working, it was brought to his attention that he had a son, this was confusing to Broom because it was impossible, for there was no Mrs. Angel as of yet. And it would be disgust and taboo to do anything with Mrs. Brown (Cobweb). As smart as he was he thought to ask Cobweb, only to find out that Cobweb placed Dust's son under Broom's name to claim health insurance benefit. But did she ever think to ask or tell Mr. Broom, Of course not! she wanted obviously to ruin everything for him!! all to satisfy her own selfish needs!!!
This was how unthoughtful Cobweb was of others? Cobweb didn't stop using Mr. Broom, she used him to get her friends and family into that land of freedom and for other many more purposes as well. Some of which Mr. Broom discovered, and some of which he didn't. The sad part of it all is that during all these, never once did she or Dust think to say thank you to Mr. Broom. Mr. Broom (Angel's) misery didn't end there.
One day, Broom set out to invest in a house and on getting there found out that he couldn't make a purchase on a new home, because his income was not enough for a "third" house. How could it be, he wondered? For Broom only owned one house and this will be his second purchase. After arguing for some time, he thought of Cobweb and everything she had done in the past.
How dare Cobweb!!! He ran home in a rage to call Cobweb. She ran his credit without his approval!!! She pretended to be Mrs. Brown. How could she!!! and only then did she inquire his permission to buy a house with his name, for Dust did not have a good credit report. Well that was their claim. What!!!! Angel thought... No way! Not again! he had already placed a non-refundable down payment and he couldn't loose any more money for her and Dust. Besides, at this time, Mr. Brown had had enough of them. But she claimed that she couldn't wait and needed to buy a house to prepare for her father's arrival. She probably knew the whole time that her mother would not bring her father, but we will allow her the benefit of the doubt.
Cobweb's father's name is Chief Kindness and he suffered from an illness of been too sweet. His illness was becoming worst daily and every one worried about him including Angel. Chief Kindness was invited by Angel (Mr. Brown) to try the doctors in the Land of freedom. He thought maybe they could think of other ways to control this disease. So because of Chief Kindness, Broom gave in and allowed Cobweb to use him. Cobweb made a promise to Angel that in a year, Dust will fix his credit and Broom will be free of the house and loan. Dust was also in agreement with the plan at the time. Liars!!! another trap that Angel fell into due to his kindness. Because of Cobweb, Broom lost over $100,000 on that house.
Chief Kindness never came, his wife never approved. Cobweb "told" Angel that she has tried to reason with her mother and then he (Angel) tried but all to no avail. Chief Kindness passed away...a moment of silence....may his soul rest in perfect peace. A year came and went, and Mr. Broom (Angel) waited patiently for Cobweb's promise to be fulfilled, and another year came and went and yet nothing.
Broom, during all of this, met his sweetheart and began to speak of marrying her. Cobweb wasn't so pleased with the idea, because it would mean she couldn't use him anymore. Broom didn't care and one day spoke to her of his intention of re-disguising himself back into Angel so that he could be married and have a Mrs. Angel. But Cobweb refused, she wanted Broom to wait, all for her own selfish reasons. However, Mr. Broom knew better than to fall into her trap again and he stood his ground this time. She and Dust were selfish, they made no acknowledgment of Broom's needs. Cobweb and Dust tried everything in their power to prevent Mr. Broom from following through with his plans, but all of which failed them.
They were supposed to make the payments for the disguise but they refused. Broom did what he thought was best and encouraged her to file to remain a permanent cobweb in the land of freedom. She had to do this before the disguise was finalized but she refused thinking that it would stop him. Angel did what he thought was best and filed for her, he also made the payments to begin the process of disguising back into Angel. He knew that Cobweb had no intentions of paying for it. During this time, Cobweb felt that she had lost control over her prey (Angel) and so she told all kind of lies to ruin Angel's name but he didn't care.
Angel again, used some of his money to mail her some presents from her family members, which she has refused to pay till today. She lied to him that she would send him the moeny but never did. During the disguising process, he asked for documents of proof that the son was Dust's and not his, and her and Dust refused until they received official orders from a higher hierarchy. This was all part of delaying the process.
The lies were becoming overwhelming and unbearable for Angel. Hence he shared the true story to family members and friends of everything he had been through for Cobweb. Cobweb was ashamed but found lies to defend herself and her actions. She considered everything Angel/Broom did for her as merely nothing. Nevertheless, with time, the deed was done and Angel was no longer Broom, he was so happy to be free, he screamed and screamed for joy.
But now what about the house and Cobweb's promise. She still was yet to fulfill her promise. After all he had been through, Angel wanted nothing to do with Cobweb. He wanted nothing to do with her, her husband or the house. He had attempted many a times to reason with them but was insulted during the process. See Dust is just as wicked as Cobweb. Angel is stuck now with this other trouble. But Angel will find a way out, he has been praying to his good friend, God, who always looks out for his Angels. And about the other two, let's just say that there is always a new broom or a new machinery that will one day wipe out all the Cobwebs and Dusts.
I will update later ....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am Princess Chinenyenwa Ogechukwu Immaculata. Everyone calls me something different so feel free. I hail from Umuokpala Etiti-Enuiyi Ifiteora-Nawgu, Dunukofia L.G.A., Anambra State. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 14, I moved with my family to the US in September 1998. I have a B.S. in Chemistry and I will have my Medical Doctorate Degree in three months. In December 2003, I met my husband; it was a week before my graduation from the University. We married traditionally in December, 29 2007. My marital home is Umuodukwu Umuchoke Umuorlu-Isu, Nwangele L.G.A., Imo State. We will complete our religious marital rites in March 29, 2008.
I wish the story of my life, is as simple as I made it seem. :) Some have said Chichi, you can write a book about your life. I do not intend to do just that, but I will write as I remember past events, as well as current events. Therefore, sometimes my postings will be current events and other times, I may take you way back. Hopefully you will enjoy reading.
I am a reader and not a writer. I am the type that is always smiling regardless of my mood. I am also the type that puts away my feelings so that I can be there for my friend. I am a princess only in my village but yet a servant everywhere else. I have lived on both sides of the world, hence a victim of two different perspectives.
My parents brought five of us into the world. I am the second child of three girls and two boys, and I am neither the first nor the last girl. I am very forgiven, and very rarely am I loud, hence people tend to take advantage. I am loved by many and disliked by a few. My strength and weakness is honesty.
The simple things tend to make me happy, so don't work too hard trying to impress me. Many people will say Chichi is "always" happy, but those who know me well will say correctly, Chichi is "mostly" happy. Some say I'm secretive, I say I'm reserved and slow to trust. My life is very unpredictable to me and to those who surround me. At times, it is sweet and at times it is bitter. Hence, the title of this blog the sweet bitter life of an Igbo Princess.

What do I do about him?

The answer is nothing.
He has used up all of his energy trying to control all of his children. We allowed it because she got into our heads with cries of "for the sake of his health." I always had the perfect solution; which was to never get caught doing something else, other than what I was supposed to be doing; and avoid him as best as I can.
I never asked of anything from them; I never really was one to ask- I was very self-reliant. I worked hard my whole life, so I never would have to ask for anything. I was 15 years old when I thought of the smartest ways to get out of the house and my friend (and teacher) suggested college was the best way. I never considered much of college because of our family income until my teacher talked to me about scholarships.
Boy! did I get to work! I filled out anything my ears and eyes came across and because of that, my way through University was payed for. But most importantly I escaped almost 4 years of verbal abuse. I say almost because he found methods to bully us through the phone.
He was very unfair. I remember that I was too young to open a bank account and so my account was under their name. They formed a habit of spending my scholarship money, and never once asked my permission. Well, they were older and what do I need money for?- trust me, this was the thought.
I wasn't the only one that was subject to this kind of treatment. I thought it would never happen again, but then it did. After the traditional wedding, all the money was gone. where did it go to? I don't know, but they took it. And till today still argue with their conscience about it; they believe they did the right thing. She even surprised me. She even asked me the night of the traditional wedding what I was going to do with my money. Because she didn't like my answer she told little man it will be shared and then told me later that he said it will not be shared. But now she claims she never thought it was mine and that it was made clear to me. It is difficult for me to trust again when I was lied to. Trust me, this will be the last time.
I know he never supported any of our decisions as long as we came up with it on our own. Or else it was similar to what he would have suggested. For example, he was expecting that I was going to graduate from medical school and he was going to ...u know i am not sure. booo u know so that he could pick a man he can control, so that he can continue to run my life. Tell me why I didn't think of that. :)
But I and my God had other plans. I tried to follow him with diplomacy, and drove there with my speech and every information about little. But s0=ome how he twisted the story and made it out to sound like I was dropping out of medical school .... However, the last time I checked I made the decision on my own to further my studies.
I wondered how making sure little's family was a good fit meant all of these trouble. But you could never confide in them for anything, they were too loud. For everyone heard about it, all sorts of suspicions were made about him, including that he might be from the "Osu" caste. Some of their odd friends spoke of 90% of Jude's people been Osu and so I was encouraged to forget him. That there was no need. hahaha I refused, I wasn't a child and neither was I stupid, they are to prove it to me otherwise I will stay where I am.
A year after I drove there, little made many attempts to meet with them but to no avail. His excuses were many; he needed to consult his brothers :); he couldn't welcome him, since it would mean accepting any pre-marital encounters with his daughter. There was an excuse for each time he called, until his parents came to the US. To our surprise, he welcomed LP.
The next thing we knew, we were making plans to travel home. We were filled with joy, that we were somewhat on time with our plans. We made all the arrangements, including purchasing our tickets and my parent's tickets. And during all this, he indirectly tried to control things; but for some reason was afraid to tell little directly, they always tried to go through me. That which, I never understood.
We went home to Nigeria and I never saw people act so unappreciative, I thought to myself if I were to do this again, I wouldn't. Nothing that he did was appreciated. "Everyone" (i.e. both sides) acted very selfish and disgraceful. I can't even begin to mention, but that was when I realized that I needed to focus more on my happiness.
The last statement was very helpful of late because it gave me the strength to ignore all of his recent threats and verbal abuse. He is learning too, they blame him for my every action, in order that they can manipulate him. He is getting stronger too. It is odd to think of it in terms of a battle but what other way can you deal with one who wakes and sleeps arguing.
So what do I do about him? Nothing

25 Days to the Wedding

It is 25 days from the wedding ceremony, and some have asked whether I am having cold feet. I may never feel it. I remember days before the traditional wedding in Nigeria, December 29. I was so busy and stressed out; I wanted everything to go just like me and Jude discussed. I was too busy to be nervous; I listened to everyone's pre-marriage advice including the ones that sounded more like insults. ALL I could think of is for December 29 to come and go. 
I had many sleepless nights dreaming about this day and then it finally came. The day that I was to marry my husband, Jude; there were many happenings, but little did I notice; I could have been bleeding and I wouldn't have noticed. I danced and danced until people begged me to stop.
As we near March 29, we have so much to expect; the completion of my research paper; my in-law's arrival; match day; OCS results; Easter; the wedding etc. With so many things preceding the wedding and with so much to look forward to. 
One thing is certain I cannot wait to form that commitment with God.