Tuesday, March 4, 2008

25 Days to the Wedding

It is 25 days from the wedding ceremony, and some have asked whether I am having cold feet. I may never feel it. I remember days before the traditional wedding in Nigeria, December 29. I was so busy and stressed out; I wanted everything to go just like me and Jude discussed. I was too busy to be nervous; I listened to everyone's pre-marriage advice including the ones that sounded more like insults. ALL I could think of is for December 29 to come and go. 
I had many sleepless nights dreaming about this day and then it finally came. The day that I was to marry my husband, Jude; there were many happenings, but little did I notice; I could have been bleeding and I wouldn't have noticed. I danced and danced until people begged me to stop.
As we near March 29, we have so much to expect; the completion of my research paper; my in-law's arrival; match day; OCS results; Easter; the wedding etc. With so many things preceding the wedding and with so much to look forward to. 
One thing is certain I cannot wait to form that commitment with God.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you. I look forward to the wedding and to end all the stress that we have been through since we came back from Nigeria.