Monday, March 17, 2008

It Makes No Sense

Friday afternoon, on March 14th.  We walked in to the court house happy and left angry at each other.  It is times like this that churn my stomach for the worst.  I was making an observant of why I thought many of these sites have a particular odor to it.  Which I thought, of the people that come in to these places, it had a common denominator; this I whispered to him.  It turned into an argument; it was one of his many arguments that never really begins or end, it is usually maybe  I disagree or agree, or maybe I would like to challenge it.  We went back and forth and some how I mentioned that many of the rich folks, don't come standing in line in the courthouse and he said what do you think these places are for, you think only the poor come here.  No that is not what I said, this is made for everyone and I told him I knew the purpose of the court house.  But the rich folks pay their trusted lawyers to take care of everything, since they are usually busy working.  I must have said something and then like a gun shot he said, doctors are not the richest, and what about other professions. And I said it doesn't matter, all rich people are included.  And then malpractice is not necessarily a criminal offense, and then more crimes happens in the ghetto, and he wanted proof of that.  (None of this made sense)  Now you know what is interesting is that this same statement was made about a week or so ago, Jude left his door wide open and went to work all day.  He had also dropped his wallet on the floor outside and I found both his wallet and door with no robbery and I said to him wow, you have got to be careful.  What if you lived in the ghetto? and he said you are quite right, I am more lenient due to where I live, I usually live my door open argument guys.  I asked him why he chooses to live were he lives and why not save money and live in the ghetto? no response, I got the silent treatment.  However, my method of teaching things we will play this game probably a couple of times instead this time with me giving the silent treatment. Maybe after it annoys him he will not do it again.  That is usually the way that has worked with him, because if you bring up the issue, you will end up ruining your evening rather let him experience it and then let him be the one to complain and then you can mention when he has done the same.  But it tends to annoy him, because you didn't bring it up before, so it still brings up an argument but it is the only way I know to change things for the better. 
However, there are just certain times either he is in the mood to argue or he really feels like bringing whatever I say down, who knows? If you get it, please explain it to me.  It used to be quite worst and he said he loves argument and I told him point blank well I hate it! especially when it makes no sense. Which many of our arguments make no sense, hence the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

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