Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a day

I had a good day today. I completed my paper; took care of some financial stuff; met with Andrea. We exchanged gifts- the four of us (me, Tori, Andrea and Kim) decided to exchange gifts and I have enjoyed mine so far. I shared with Andrea the traditional wedding album, and she enjoyed it as well. I love spending time with my friends and I can't believe we are parting, they are just great people to be around.
I drove to David's bridal and met with my sister, she was to join me to pick up my wedding dress. It was nice to hear her opinion about everything and it was nice to enjoy her company. She came by afterwards at the house and we talked and enjoyed dinner together. My in-laws and husband enjoyed her company and was surprised when she got up to leave, they wanted her to stay. I can't believe I will be living so far away from my family.
The rest of the evening thus far was spent chit-chatting with my in-laws and relaxing with my husband. I got a call from a very good friend that was invited to our wedding but failed to RSVP after so many attempts on my part to get them to RSVP. It meant so much to me that they attended but I thought they weren't interested, since no one called me or responded. It is unfortunate that now that the deadline is passed I heard from them. This has been the hardest thing to do, to say no to any of my well-wishers; I feel so special that so many people care to share in our joy.
I dream sometimes of the wedding feast at Cannan, an open feast and a miracle that will provide plenty to eat and drink. Besides that, it has been a good day and I have big plans for later today....hmmm it is now 7 more days left and this sums up an episode of the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

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