Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where did I match?

In University of Kansas, Wichita. I felt it all along that I belonged there but I needed to know that I had all of my husband's support. He was there for me from point A to Z and I felt that not including him in this decision meant kicking him off the curb. He remains so dear in my heart, we sat there and of course I was nervous. I gave it to Jude to open it and o of course as suspected, it was my first choice. I am ready for the change and I am truly blessed that I have this great opportunity. Amaka, is excited for me although I sense she wishes it wasn't so far away; Olisa is happy for me but he is still awed by the strangeness; Uchenna is happy for me but teases me about the decision (LOL); Chioma is excited for me but is shocked that her sister is really moving; Sister Lilian is indifferent but wishes I will stay closer; my parents- I'm not quite sure; My in laws are not sure what to make of it. It was a tough decision, and the longest decision I've ever made, it was well thought out with many prayers but in the end I had to decide on what was best for us, and for my future. ...So today is a sweet day in the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.

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