Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wipe Out The Cobwebs In Your Life!!!

This is a true story of how ones kindness can be repaid with wickedness.
She happens to be a relative, but she is cold-hearted and narcissistic. Her name is Cobweb and her relative's name is Angel. Cobweb, about 3-4 years ago shared with Angel her troubles, she wanted to stay in the land of freedom but couldn't stay, for she had over exceeded her welcome. Angel felt deeply saddened for her and risks his career and status to bail her out. Angel got her out of trouble by disguising himself as Broom. Since then and until recently he protected Cobweb from been swept away, but has since then been in trouble himself. Angel is now disguised as Broom (same person) and Cobweb is Mrs Broom. She was no longer recognized as Cobweb, and hence she was never wiped out from the land. It was a big mistake but Angel will not find out until later. But Cobweb knew all along and enjoyed every ounce of the mistake, as she watched and laughed at Angels sufferings.
Mr. Brown (Angel) and Mrs. Brown (Cobweb) lived far, far away from each other and they lived their separate lives that way. Sometimes, they lived as what they truly were Angel and Cobweb, but whenever it was convenient, they pretended to be married as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
A short while after Angel helped Cobweb, she found her own alike, Dust. Dust got her pregnant, but before word could get around, he married her. They couldn't get married because Cobweb was also known as Mrs. Brown, so they sent word to a different land of their intentions of marriage. In this particular land, the couples did not have to be present to be married, they can designate someone from both sides of the family to represent them and perform all of the marital rites as well as state their intentions of marriage. This was exactly what Mrs. Brown (Cobweb) and Dust did.
Shortly after the marriage, Cobweb requested Mr. Broom to travel on short notice, for investigations were around the corner and he had to play his part as Mr. Broom. Cobweb made her request on such short notice, and Broom at the time didn't have that kind of money. So he thought, since this was all in her and Dust's favor, he would ask that her and Dust pay for his ticket, but they refused. So Mr. Broom had to borrow the money to pay for Cobweb's troubles. See, it wasn't so easy for Broom to get out of this mess, because if word were to get around that he disguised himself, he would end up been locked up or sent back to the forest where he came from. Mr. Broom forgave Cobweb and moved on, for she was one of his favorite relatives. However, Cobweb didn't get it! she is a selfish brat!
One day while Mr. Broom was working, it was brought to his attention that he had a son, this was confusing to Broom because it was impossible, for there was no Mrs. Angel as of yet. And it would be disgust and taboo to do anything with Mrs. Brown (Cobweb). As smart as he was he thought to ask Cobweb, only to find out that Cobweb placed Dust's son under Broom's name to claim health insurance benefit. But did she ever think to ask or tell Mr. Broom, Of course not! she wanted obviously to ruin everything for him!! all to satisfy her own selfish needs!!!
This was how unthoughtful Cobweb was of others? Cobweb didn't stop using Mr. Broom, she used him to get her friends and family into that land of freedom and for other many more purposes as well. Some of which Mr. Broom discovered, and some of which he didn't. The sad part of it all is that during all these, never once did she or Dust think to say thank you to Mr. Broom. Mr. Broom (Angel's) misery didn't end there.
One day, Broom set out to invest in a house and on getting there found out that he couldn't make a purchase on a new home, because his income was not enough for a "third" house. How could it be, he wondered? For Broom only owned one house and this will be his second purchase. After arguing for some time, he thought of Cobweb and everything she had done in the past.
How dare Cobweb!!! He ran home in a rage to call Cobweb. She ran his credit without his approval!!! She pretended to be Mrs. Brown. How could she!!! and only then did she inquire his permission to buy a house with his name, for Dust did not have a good credit report. Well that was their claim. What!!!! Angel thought... No way! Not again! he had already placed a non-refundable down payment and he couldn't loose any more money for her and Dust. Besides, at this time, Mr. Brown had had enough of them. But she claimed that she couldn't wait and needed to buy a house to prepare for her father's arrival. She probably knew the whole time that her mother would not bring her father, but we will allow her the benefit of the doubt.
Cobweb's father's name is Chief Kindness and he suffered from an illness of been too sweet. His illness was becoming worst daily and every one worried about him including Angel. Chief Kindness was invited by Angel (Mr. Brown) to try the doctors in the Land of freedom. He thought maybe they could think of other ways to control this disease. So because of Chief Kindness, Broom gave in and allowed Cobweb to use him. Cobweb made a promise to Angel that in a year, Dust will fix his credit and Broom will be free of the house and loan. Dust was also in agreement with the plan at the time. Liars!!! another trap that Angel fell into due to his kindness. Because of Cobweb, Broom lost over $100,000 on that house.
Chief Kindness never came, his wife never approved. Cobweb "told" Angel that she has tried to reason with her mother and then he (Angel) tried but all to no avail. Chief Kindness passed away...a moment of silence....may his soul rest in perfect peace. A year came and went, and Mr. Broom (Angel) waited patiently for Cobweb's promise to be fulfilled, and another year came and went and yet nothing.
Broom, during all of this, met his sweetheart and began to speak of marrying her. Cobweb wasn't so pleased with the idea, because it would mean she couldn't use him anymore. Broom didn't care and one day spoke to her of his intention of re-disguising himself back into Angel so that he could be married and have a Mrs. Angel. But Cobweb refused, she wanted Broom to wait, all for her own selfish reasons. However, Mr. Broom knew better than to fall into her trap again and he stood his ground this time. She and Dust were selfish, they made no acknowledgment of Broom's needs. Cobweb and Dust tried everything in their power to prevent Mr. Broom from following through with his plans, but all of which failed them.
They were supposed to make the payments for the disguise but they refused. Broom did what he thought was best and encouraged her to file to remain a permanent cobweb in the land of freedom. She had to do this before the disguise was finalized but she refused thinking that it would stop him. Angel did what he thought was best and filed for her, he also made the payments to begin the process of disguising back into Angel. He knew that Cobweb had no intentions of paying for it. During this time, Cobweb felt that she had lost control over her prey (Angel) and so she told all kind of lies to ruin Angel's name but he didn't care.
Angel again, used some of his money to mail her some presents from her family members, which she has refused to pay till today. She lied to him that she would send him the moeny but never did. During the disguising process, he asked for documents of proof that the son was Dust's and not his, and her and Dust refused until they received official orders from a higher hierarchy. This was all part of delaying the process.
The lies were becoming overwhelming and unbearable for Angel. Hence he shared the true story to family members and friends of everything he had been through for Cobweb. Cobweb was ashamed but found lies to defend herself and her actions. She considered everything Angel/Broom did for her as merely nothing. Nevertheless, with time, the deed was done and Angel was no longer Broom, he was so happy to be free, he screamed and screamed for joy.
But now what about the house and Cobweb's promise. She still was yet to fulfill her promise. After all he had been through, Angel wanted nothing to do with Cobweb. He wanted nothing to do with her, her husband or the house. He had attempted many a times to reason with them but was insulted during the process. See Dust is just as wicked as Cobweb. Angel is stuck now with this other trouble. But Angel will find a way out, he has been praying to his good friend, God, who always looks out for his Angels. And about the other two, let's just say that there is always a new broom or a new machinery that will one day wipe out all the Cobwebs and Dusts.
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