Friday, April 18, 2008

The Boat of Opportunity

So many of my pals yearned 
To sail in my boat, though
'Opportunity' does not favor all.
She enabled me to sail
Far far away, across the Atlantic. 
She sent me off herself but cautioned
That I never forget.
For me, It was never a straight path 
but I mastered well the crooked trails.
UFCOM was a path 
That I tidied for me and my pals.
To my well wishers,
The Motherland extends to you 
Her warmest thanks; ('dalu so').
My diligence was never to impress you
Nor was it for my admiration and respect.
Rather it was for those I left behind
The ones that gave the lots
So that I can sail 
In that Boat of Opportunity.

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