Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a day a long day

I made 24 today but it felt worst than any other day.  I didn't have to be at work today and I also had no plans.  What a day!  Some called, and I didn't hear it because my phone was on silent. But some I did hear and I didn't feel like talking.  I spoke to Tolu today, and then I was off to get a physician's signature.  The receptionist was rude because I was slightly late but I was seen and walked away content.  O I spoke with ChiChi today and read messages of bday wishes...o what a day.  I got calls from Jude, and also spent some time with Obioma on the phone...I called Allison to see if I could visit the baby but guess what she was asleep.  I missed her messages when the baby woke up...o it is a horrible day.  And of all the day to pick an argument ughhh it was today.  listened to my phone messages and the two bests were Uchenna's and Sister Lilian's.  I am irritable for I have had an awful birthday.

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