Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is interesting

No correction taken sir/ma'am
No correction ever taken sir/ma'am
that is the summary of life
no human ever want's to be wrong 
but are we not destined to make mistakes
especially since we are mortals.
So why is it that every time we say we
do not like something hence, we don't want it to
repeat itself- it sounds like a hateful
comment.  Ben is angry that Betsy is angry
or that she did not take the news as expected.
And because of that takes it upon himself,
that it is his fault that she is unhappy, and thinks
of ways to have composed himself differently. 
But Betsy thinks the composition was great.  She 
is glad that he told her even though the news 
ruined her evening.  However, it is what
happened that upset Betsy, it is that, that 
prompted her to write.  Ben needs to accept 
that the mistake has been made, and agree that 
it will not repeat itself. But instead of saying I will
be careful next time, there is an argument first 
and then afterwards he accuses her of saying 
something wrong -it is the way you said it.  
Why can't it be? I did not expect it to
be this hurtful and it will not repeat itself.
Why not save each other some trouble and
be happy. But instead he says Betsy you are 
always mad for too long ...
Little things always upset you...
Ben maybe telling the truth but is it appropriate to 
say such things to Betsy not that she hurts. Is it 
appropriate to say things that make situations
worst.  The interesting thing is we all have our 
own faults.  Betsy hates to also be corrected
but the one she does't do is when one tells her
something annoyed or hurt their feelings
She hates to dwell on it for the sake of defending 
herself.  In fact she doesn't even need to say it 
twice that she will do her best for it not to 
happen again or else she forgets.

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