Monday, June 16, 2008

PR 6/11-6/16

I just returned from PR and it was ok.  Lots of good times and some annoying times that ruined things slightly.  I need to stop imagining things because rarely does it happen based on my imaginations. Later...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am trying to be numb

Its been a while I visited you...for some reason I remember to write when something interesting happens in my life.  I remembered it like yesterday when I learned that I should be careful the words I use to my loved ones, because they will remember it forever.  An apology results in forgiveness but how come it is so difficult to forget.  My theory is if you help yourself understand why you are wrong this one time, I bet it will help you not to repeat it again.  For example let us say your husband complains about how you only think about yourself and so you went out and bought your hubby an expensive watch when you both are in a pretty severe financial ditch.  Oh he is raged and angry and wants you to return it.  Now you are angry because you expected him to be excited but instead he tells you the same things, he screams at you saying think! think! think!
Stop... evaluate why he is angry? he is not angry about what you bought he doesn't like what you bought because of your financial situation.  Don't conclude that he never thinks anything you do is right is just inappropriate today.  He probably could have said it in a much nicer way, but understand that he is frustrated and no one is ever happy when in a financial ditch.  Why am I telling you this...I am reading a series of book about how to stay married ... I will be very honest with you.  My husband and I are in love and because of that we argue- sometimes I even feel like he is competing with me- 'let's see how many people will think I'm right and you are wrong" but at times depending on the situation, you are just wrong not a whole lot you can do about it.  I have a lot to learn myself and I will go on to keep reading.