Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today so far

Men! for some reason I cried myself to sleep and it felt good to cry; it was as if I let go a lot of crap...well I woke up at 0500 and showered then went back to sleep.  This time I didn't have to cry my self to sleep.  I woke up and off I go to work in the yard.  I worked all day cutting down the two big trees in my backyard.  I mowed the lawn and I did a beautiful job especially compared to last week lol.  I met Mr. Chuck (my backyard neighbor) he is hilarious.  Get this his starting line was no one told him he has a beauty for a neighbor.  We talked about a lot and he gave me some hint about my lawn an trees.  Everyone here has been wonderful.  I am having a wonderful day and nothing will ruin it for me.  I will shower and go down to the park and then to the base to run ...I feel exceptionally well today and I haven't spent time on Facebook (need to cut down more) or myspace (cut down a lot) or hi5 (cut down plenty).  It is a good day to do ALSO.  Be good y'all!   

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