Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

I have waited and waited ....too long.  One of my big fears is now finally here.  My wisdom tooth has grown too deep and around my nerve.  It hurts and now I have no choice but to have it extracted.  I am afraid ...I am afraid that they are going to use general anesthesia.  I am afraid of complications.  I am afraid of post-op pain.  I am scared of not being able to eat.  I am afraid of having to work in pain.  And guess what all of my friends except for Dupree are telling me negative experiences.  I kinda wish that Jude could be there with me but its understandable and I will be ok.

A few days left

My heart beats every morning when I wake up because it is one day closer to my husband's visit. I miss him so much, I mostly miss cooking for him. I hate missing his smiles and happiness. I wish we were growing in our marriage side by side. But hey is all good, some days are better than others. It can be frustrating- it isn't easy. Somedays, I don't feel like talking on the phone and how do you explain that when the phone is your only life line to your spouse. I like that residency has kept me well distracted from my emotions. I am very busy and I like it- it makes the day go by fast and it makes me focus on everything that is going on around me.
I love you Mr. Jude Chikaodinaka Iheanacho and I can't wait to listen to your heart beat. muah!