Monday, September 29, 2008

He is gone

I miss him so much.  He called yesterday and I was too tired to reach for the phone.  When I listened later for the message it said he was ready for bed and would be checking in at noon the day after.  I waited all morning for his call, and when it finally came I was ready.  I had prepared my good bye and had rehearsed it over and over in my sleep.  I was going to wish him good luck, one that would have been so sweet.  I wanted him to do well his first week but then before I had started he told me he would call back in a minute.  A minute came and went, and then an hour and so on.  ...He never called and I still jump every time the phone ring thinking he will call.  I wish him all the best at OCS.  I love you and my prayers are with you.