Saturday, October 18, 2008

I miss him

It is kinda crazy that I never thought I would be this close to anyone. In fact I never allowed myself to get this close and then Jude came along. He is everything to me, I hate it when he's hurt, sad, angry. I hate it when he's not around and I am happy when he's there. Sometimes, I think we are crazy- i mean based on some of the decisions we made because of our future and our families. It makes me wonder somewhat ...
He is gone for OCS and I miss talking with him, I miss talking his ear out, I miss hearing how his day went, I miss hearing him laugh, I miss his beautiful smile ... I can go on forever but it will not make him come home or shorten the duration of his training. I read a letter yesterday that he wrote to me telling me how he feels lonely sometimes not talking to me. You know people I feel the same way. But the irony is that Jude is in training with so many people and I work with so many people and friends but yet we are lonely. It is a diffenrent kind of loneliness- it is sort of like our hearts are starved from each others love.
I love you Jude and you take care of you. Hurry up and come home to me!