Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Important Are Women To Their Men?

Think about the above question carefully... how important are you when you are not cooking them meals or having sex, or is it that you have no little ones running around for him.  And it could be his fault but he does not want to find out- it is just easier blaming you for it.  Or do you have a husband, that wants to hear only the negatives from your voice- remember when you blamed me for this and that.  But hey! what happened to when I commended you for this and that etc .... Only then, do you then begin to see signs of how you are of no good to them.  How many times, did he make a promise and failed to keep that promise?  how many times have you found yourself crying? was it not only yesterday that you referred to him as your BFF.  Sistas, how many times did you have to scream or cry for him to hear you and I don't mean pretend to hear you- I mean really hear you?  It is never too late to bring it up before you become too tired of crying and end up doing something that may not end well for everyone.  Today is a happy and fulfilling day in the sweet bitter life of an igbo princess.  

PS- You know a lot is going on currently in my life- I just got through a miscarriage, I work a lot and I can't keep up with myself not to talk of others, I have a big board exam coming up and yet none of these things are as stressful as what I'm going through with my family.  Thanks for all of your prayers. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Do Our Loved Ones Hurt Us The Most?

Since I was a little child I wondered the answer to this question.  I love my family but whenever I was hurt, it usually has something to do with them.  I later realized that it is because we make ourselves most vulnerable to our loved ones, maybe because, we don't expect them to hurt us.  And most of the time, they don't mean to hurt us (I hope at least) but it just happens.  
I get very upset when I am misunderstood, or when I let things slide, or when I don't want to ruin the moment, and yet the event repeats itself.  Interestingly, this is the topic of the day at least twice a month in my family.  The problem sometimes is too many people say I'm sorry just to quickly get off the loop.  However, it is more of a failure when you have that exact same argument, that same unresolved issue repeat itself.  Why? because you never understood why the other one was so angry or hurt, you never understood what the big deal was or you just didn't care to understand what the big deal was.
We all need a book to read on how to treat our loved ones because at some point that hurt will build up inside us and will enable us to stay far far away from those that continue to hurt us.  We have to learn how to talk to our loved ones especially as soon as we see that we have hurt them, no matter how right we felt we were and we must learn how to do it without criticism.  I say this because we will all die someday and at the end of this note could be my last breath but yet I am still hurt. 
I still I'm unsure of the answer to my question.  Please feel free to enlighten me if you do however I will stop here now and until next time.  This is a gloomy day in my sweet bitter life.