Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm at work

I have enjoyed your responses thus far- keep it coming. This one is pretty interesting- listen to this dialogue.
G- we did not speak much last week
B- yes we did- the day we talked for a long time
G but is that normal for married people?
B-no but I am not trying to make any excuses but .... (=excuses)
G- so u don't agree that there was anything wrong with last week or you did not even notice? not talking that much for a week?
B- I have a new job and I am not used to the schedule!!!!!
(argument follows) then
B- u know what go ahead- i don't have anything else to say
G- ok (talking) and B- starting to talk over too
G- I thought u have nothing to say
now arguing at the top of our voices
B- this is becos u cannot stand my job
G- who they heck mentioned ur job yes and yes and yes I do not like it- i only put up with it- I have been saying that for a long time
B- do not say anything u will regret
G- like what? that I put up with your job (everyone is talking at the same time)
B- I try to like ur job
G- um that is because u have always known my job, too bad...I have not always known in fact part of the things I was told too was my new status I can take 2-3 weeks off ...get ur sources straight before you make promises that will not hold true in the future- it has almost screwed us up before (no longer an argument mind you- it is now lots and lots of shouting)
B- ..... If u are so sick of my job bring the divorce papers and I will sign it

NB- interestingly the job was all that B needed to be happy in this world, not ever meeting or knowing G.

Ok now
G- we did not talk much of last week
B2- well sorry about that...I am not sure how you keep up with those long hours but I have yet to get used to mine. did u have any suggestions in mind?
G- well maybe since u call pretty early- I will start going to bed early so that I can just wake up the same time as you- i can even start going out to the gym in th mornings now.
B2- o ok. hopefully it gets better
No arguments- G and B2 did not humiliate themselves but tried to reach a compromise together. I am happy that I love my job, and I knew what I was getting myself into. What I have expected, I have had the priviledge to even experience more. The only thing my life is missing is my extreme closeness to God is depreciated. I hope this teaches you guys how to avoid an argument. American men are good at avoinding an argument with their spouse because they mostly use the second dialogue and they are happy and go to bed happy and sometimes even get breakfast in the morning. But good luck to ethnic men because their pride is what makes their home unstable. Sometimes just asking whoever brought up the issue why they r bringing it up or what they want out of it, or what solutions they have in mind instead of trying to call her a nagging biatch or always complaining.
Take care y'all- hope this helps y'all. Love ya all

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