Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was one of the worst days of my life.  The snow storm was going crazy in Wichita, KS and they had canceled many flights but I tried to be positive and hopeful that I will be on the flight to Jacksonville, Fl.  I made my way through the snow across town to drop off Masi, and headed back home to finish my last minute packing.  Having to be at work that morning messed up things for me.
arghh!! I hate the 80 hour work week rule and for those who still wish that it is increased for residents  because they had to work a 120 hour or a 200 hour work week.  I've got one question for you, how many patients have you mistakenly killed? because so far I have none.  Or how many road accidents have you instigated? because so far none, although I came close on my first week on call as a resident. Now I am a pro at sleeping only 30 minutes and doing just fine.
Anyways, back on the subject, I headed to the airport around noon and watched them increase my flights take off time gradually, until finally they assured us that it will be at 1806.  I knew that I would miss my connection flight but I was hopeful that they would be delayed too.  I asked God to please let me be home for X-mas.  It is crazy but prior to our marriage, we hated being apart for the holidays but we were creative, we met up before I left for home or after I returned to celebrate our own holidays.  I hated that Jude would spend holidays alone because his family was very far away.  I would steal many opportunities to call him to check on him.  It makes it so exciting for us now that we are married, we are two lovers that will never grow old and weary of each other.  I got to Atl and as soon as my flight landed, my connecting flight took off.
Everything went wrong after that, the exit doors would not open, the scanners wouldn't work so that I can find out if I am booked for another flight.  I asked the Delta employee to help me out- she was a heavy set african-american lady, with long hair, she was very beautiful and had the most remarkable features but I couldn't help noticing the look of frustration in her eyes.  I was unsure until she replied Moussa's wife with an attitude "I don't know!"  I believe the comments from angry mob of passengers in line that missed their flights was starting to get to her.  When it got to my turn, I said in a  calm voice that we are not angry at you, we are just upset that we will be away from our loved ones on X-mas Eve.  She said thank you and punched some numbers and told me that I am on the first flight to Florida X-mas day and asked if i would like a hotel voucher.  I hesitated because in my mind the answer was no! because I would rather be with Jude but I answered yes and I got one to Country Inn Suites- it cost 49.99 without tax.  I smiled and said thank you Lauren, she acknowledged with a smile.
I called my dear husband and we talked and he made me feel better, I got ready for bed but was up very early, I believe partly due to anxiety, I got ready and headed downstairs to take the shuttle to the airport.  I was there 2 hours before boarding (anxiety), I took a nap and waited for Moussa's fam. to show up, they were quite entertaining throughout the trip.  I was so glad when the flight took off and happier when I was in my husband's arm.  We kissed and said Merry Christmas.  We came home and cooked our Christmas meal together and talked and talked and ate and watched a Nigerian Movie ... It ended up being a great Christmas.  I got the best Christmas gift later on, my husband is full of surprises.

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Ike Chidolue said...

Merry Christmas, Chinenyenwa, that was quite a touching experience indeed. God bless & keep you & Jude always, Amen.