Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exostectomy of the fifth toe Bilaterally

Before I forget- 12/11/2009 ouch!  I took call covering the pediatrics ward on 12/13/2009- one word ouch!  I have been told by the surgeon that I am his worst patient thus far.  Since I went back to work; did not prop my feet.  I had already taken vacation for the holidays and I didn't have anymore left for the month.  I am glad it is over with and eventually I will have pain-free fifth toes.  I have a high tolerance for pain, or I am always occupied with something to think about slowing myself down.
08/14/2008 was my first surgery, Extraction of all 4 of my wisdom teeth, I did not take any pain meds and I was eating by that evening.  I was back to work the next day.  The swine flu was annoying though- o boy!  I had admitted 3 young gals with the swine flu and they required vent support, I knew it was coming for me.  I knew the very second I came down with it, and it was around the time they were still testing.  I felt so horrible, fevers as high as 105; I woke up feeling like someone had beat the crap out of me; my chest hurt to even cough; i wanted to scream but the headache was pounding ...  I felt miserable but my dear husband took good care of me, he even prepared me some ofe nsala. 
I was instructed to stay at home for days.  That was my slow down instruction from God for the year, hopefully I will get no more.


Ike Chidolue said...

Bia Igbo-Princess, did this really happen to you; (...Extraction of all 4 of my wisdom teeth), or was it taken from an episiod of 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Nenyenwa said...

yes o- ?I don't watch Grey's anatomy and I am not good at telling tall tales. Hope all is well with u.