Thursday, December 24, 2009


I had to drop her off today at the boarding house.  I could tell that she felt it in her heart that I was leaving her soon because for two days now she has been very restless.  Yesterday, she did not let me leave her sight and again very restless and so I gave her some benadryl and nothing happened.  I overdosed her, and yet she was still jumping all over the place.  I gave up and placed her in her crate and she cried all night, she has never done that before.  I even tried talking to her, to let her know that I had no choice but she just licked me and continued to whine.  When I dropped her off today, it was very difficult.  They took her into this boarding place, with metal gates, they always appear to me like a doggy jail but I know that they have no choice.  I went to say good bye and she looked at me, and stood up, she licked me and made the noise she makes when she is mad at me.  I told her good bye and I will be back to pick her up.  I payed a little extra for them to spend some time playing with her.  She is a great companion, although stubborn at times.  She is easy to love and it did not take long for her and Jude to be buddies as well.  She does not hold a grudge and even when mummy is persistent she licks her way through.  Masi you are a great puppy and I wish I could spend Xmas with you.

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