Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nigerian Men and I love you

It is fun to gist with my sister and her friends about the different pimping ways of Nigerian men. My favorite is the abuse of the phrase "I love you." There was this young man who had never met her but saw a picture of her and in one conversation, told my sister that he was head over hills for her.
At that time, my sister was serious with another guy and she cut him off via email. This man was so distraught by this email that he was moved to gripe about how much he was still in love with Sis for a good year. My sister and I found it amusing that he hardly knew her but felt that she was the only one for him. It is now about 2 years later and this man resurrected on facebook, contacted her ... He spoke of the pain he felt when he received that email that said she was engaged to be married and she didn't want him to call again. She didn't understand and she answered well, isn't it the truth. This man asked if he could call again as a friend and in his next call he started bugging again and called her sweet names. Which irritated her very much and moved her to ask him never to call again.
Seriously, why do our men make a fool of themselves when it comes to women. They are not everything that you see on the outside. You have to know someone to truly love them, and to like is not the same as to love; you have to like someone in order to love them, but you don't have to love everyone that you like. It takes a long time to build love and it is disgusting to hear it before it is due. Be diplomatic about it, because that phrase may have won women in the past but now it only works for only a few desperate women.

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Ike Chidolue said...

Hi Chinenye,
Love happens, love is a decision, if two people (male & female) carry on friendly conversation for an extended period of time (online, over the phone, or face2face), sentimental attachments may start developing between the two persons.
Love/like/fond-of, whatever the word is have no respect for distance, yes some people may think that long distance relationships is not the way to go, however, I beg to differ.
I am presently in a long distance relationship with a lady, i have not meet before in my life. I am a christian, so I believe in the efficacy of well chosen words. God created the world via words, & we too can create/develop a relationship with words spoken in truth, regardless of the fact that we may not have seen physically.
The fundamental issue should be 'sincerity of the motive' of the persons involved. I really have a lot to share on this matter, however, I will wish to read other people's take on the matter b4 I continue.

Respectfully yours
Ike Chidolue