Monday, February 1, 2010

Hard Times

I am having the hardest of times, I have had all the signs and symptoms of my depressed patients.  Boy! I really thought I had gone through the worst of everything.  Every time I find something that makes me cheerful, I find out that Jude is not there for me to tell.  I am stressed and can't stop eating- in total, I have gained 18 pounds.  I know it must be hard for Jude and the rest of the crew, since they are stuck in the ship for 6 months, but I can't control the way I feel.  Yesterday, I couldn't sleep probably because I was afraid he would call and I would miss it.  When he did call, we didn't know where to begin, but soon we realized that there was a line of people waiting their turns to call their family.  It took us a second, then we asked questions about how we were, and we both lied that all was well.  We talked a bit, but had to be interrupted because someone else was up to use the phone.  Today I thought after work, I would go to the gym, working out seems to ease the stress away, but I didn't last 15 minutes and then I came home and ate more than my belly can handle.  I appreciate all of your prayers for my husband but please pray for me as well.


Sammie said...

Praying for you Chi-chi...may the Lord surround you in the Peace and Comfort only He can provide.

Nenyenwa said...

Thanks Sammie for your encouragement and prayers