Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be Careful what you pray for

You know my husband is my number one inspiration and while he was gone on a 6 month deployment,  I had nothing to write.  Well his deployment was supposed to end in July but ended a few weeks earlier for my husband :().  He had a necrotic appendix and had to have an emergency appendectomy.  So after a few days in Nova Scotia he was sent back to me for my TLC.  It was a very big scare but it ended up being a blessing in disguise because I was able to spend a few weeks with him prior to my deployment (International month) to Nigeria.  I wouldn't have had all that time with him and we were pretty bomed by it and prayed for even a few days together.  Yah be careful what you pray for.  I should have specified to God how I wanted to spend time with my husband and at what expense.  God is good though because Jude is in perfect health and we got to spend some quality time.
So what did I do while he was gone...quite a bit and I may forget some.... my hubby is amazing he manages to be great even while deployed.  He sent me roses on valentine's day (which I almost turned down thinking it was from a secret admirer) and my birthday in April, I also got a dozen roses delivered to my doorsteps, I got to attend one of my great friend's wedding, Kristin.  I got to spend my wedding anniversary with my hubby in Rome, Italy (my big trip surprise), I also got to spend time with my girlfriends in New York (I will tell you all about that in a later blog).

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