Thursday, September 9, 2010

The girls!

I will slowly introduce my friends into my blog.... today is ... ok so my friends and I started a tradition in medical school of taking a trip together at least once a year.  When we lived in the same city, we would spend long nights at a nice Tapas.  We always get kicked out because we would stay till it was past closing :) We are so different but so alike in many ways.
Tori is the oldest among us, mixed with Italian and Nigeria (her full name is Nigerian- Toriseju); we were roommates at some point.  Our rommate experience almost prevented us from understanding each other but through the grace of God we are great friends today.  She is an amazing person, she is usually the most organized out of us all and so plans all of our trip.  She is very creative and usually comes up with all the cool ideas.  During the time I have known her, I have watched her grow in her faith in God, and she has also married her Life partner, Nathaniel Whyte.  One thing about Tori, when she loves she goes all the way, she is very caring about her friends and family...don't mess with us 'cause she will get ya! don't say I didn't warn u.  She is an Obstetrician.
Andrea- Andrea is also mixed with african american and caucasian, she has one of those long curly mixed hair and I love it.  She is always jovial, it is actually funny to see her angry.  But she holds her own, she is nice and sweet but don't mess with her.  She also likes to speak up for those that can't speak up for themselves.  In other words, she enjoys advocating.  She is a christian, with a beautiful heart. I love her laugh, it is infections.  She is a pediatrician.
Kimberly- my beautiful friend, we go all the way back to Tolbert, our first dorm as freshmen at the University of Florida.  She is like my sister from another mother and father.  She is a hardworker and knows the exact things to say whenever I am down or I just need to talk.  I miss her a lot.  She loves her family and she opens her heart to anyone. She is a surgeon.
Here they are!
We like to travel and just relax and mostly hang out.  For the past two years, we've met in New York since it is hard to coordinate all of the specialties :) This year, I almost missed it, because my flight got delayed.  I spent a night at my bro's in ATL, was so discouraged that I wanted to leave but my friends encouraged me to come and I'm glad I did.  I made it in enough time to spend at least 24 hours in NY, and I needed every bit of that time with them.  I have many friends but there is something about the four of us spending time with each other.  It is not even about NY, it is about the four of us together.  I can talk forever about them but I will stop here. I love them all dearly and enjoy sharing time with them.  We like to continue this tradition and eventually involve our spouses and children.

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Rhapsody said...

Its always good to have great friends.

may your friendships endure.