Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok so I really have no business using short hands since I have to google pretty much all of them to find out what they mean.  T.M.I is Too Much information and STI is sexually transmitted infection.  This is not a post particularly about STI.  I have been fortunate never to have an STI including HPV, I have only been with one partner my whole life and I am also not going to address that in this post.  This is really about "the talking people" who meet you at the train station, or in an airplane or while you were sitting quietly at a park thinking ... and wantto share TMI.  Sometimes I wonder if my smile is too catchy, so I have practiced an awkward smile in the mirror, especially if I know I want a quiet day.  Sometimes, I have thought maybe saying hi first is too welcoming and so I have practiced saying nothing.  I have even thought that maybe it was my style of dressing so, I sometimes change my style to appear snobbish.
Anyways I have come to the conclusion that there are just some people that share too much.  So here is how I came to my conclusion, I was on a rotation with a few of my colleagues and the topic of discussion was STIs (sexually transmitted Infections).  So my attending (our teacher) asked if Bacterial Vaginosis was sexually transmitted and I answered no but it is more common in sexually active women or women who douch not exactly because of sex but likely because of the lower pH of the young lady.  She then asked about trichomoniasis and we all immediately said yes, that it is an STI well to our suprise she disagreed and we thought about it and in order to prove her point she went on to share how when she was in college she had this nasty discharge for a while and after she went to the clinic she discovered that she had trich and she was not sexually active.   So I was embarrassed when I later realized that my mouth was wide open, wow! I thought ... just a little too much information.  Boy! she could have replaced herself for a college friend in her attempt to convince us that trich was not an STI.  Was it all that necessary?  while all of these was going through my head, my mouth was open.  One of my colleagues pinched me and I immediately closed my mouth and said "well I suppose the cause of trich is motile and lives for sometime and I suppose you could in fact get it from a toilet sit, if you are a frequent public toilet user and actually sit on the bowl."  I later felt completely stupid when the rest of the team reminded me that they had long moved on to another topic.