Friday, November 12, 2010

God works in mysterious ways

At the same time I posted the previous blog, my husband calls and I got a chance to talk his ear out for a little bit, so ... there goes the sweet bitter life of this igbo princess ...good night

What a day!

So I started off this day imagining how horrible it will be.  I didn't start this day talking to my husband because he was on duty last night (it may sound superstitious but talking to him helps me get through the day).  I went to make my rounds and quickly went to see my healthy patient, so that I would feel better about my day, but the patient decompensated overnight, and had to go for emergency surgery.  Oh no! I thought I have a presentation today at noon conference and I learnt that the other resident was not going to make it.  Oh no! again I thought I should not have procastinated, but as always I had a good reason I have been sick lately.  Well I didn't have the heart to ask to get out of it because I knew about it for a while not. It was an obstetrics morbidity and mortality ughhh!
Anyways, I stayed up last night and came up with a case that happened 2 years ago when I was an intern, a pregnant woman who was a disaster waiting to happen and refused a c-section, well 10 hours and 13 minutes later she delivers a 12 Ib, 1 oz baby boy vaginally.  It wasn't a big morbidity and mortality case but I had some great teaching points and to my surprise everyone loved it.  I had this feeling of relief and then one of my attending's said when are you presenting your trip to Nigeria and now I am going crazy trying to figure out what day it is so that I can religously try not to procastinate.  I am still staring at the phone waiting to hear my favorite ringtone (the hubby's number)....Hope you all had a great day.