Monday, January 17, 2011

I am getting ready to embrace My Stubborn Hair

When I was a little girl, I remembered my mom keeping my hair short, while my sister wore braids.  I never understood why, and one day when she got tired of me feeling left out, she asked me if I wanted to grow my hair out.  Well of course I said yes, for once I will look as beautiful as my sister, she always had the coolest braids ... well I remembered my mom fighting with my hair as she tried to comb through my hair.  I remembered we would both come out of the room angry after it was over. I dreaded those days and hence regretted that my decision. 
Everyone including the local stylist, encouraged my mom to perm my hair saying my hair was too stubborn and unique, well mom refused to perm our hairs and I heard her say "I refuse to raise fast girls and if she wants to cut it she always has that option." Lol- like perming your hair ultimately makes you fast. 
Now at this point, my mom didn't care anymore because she now payed someone else weekly to keep my hair in braids and to do the combing.  I learned during this process that moms are much nicer than strangers when combing your hair and I really began to accept how really stubborn my hair was.  My mom's only job now was to load me up with panadol prior to my going to the braiding stylist, I had to do the rest of the work, including sitting for hours, with my face dug into the braiding stylist smelling vagina.  Well prior to my starting day secondary school, I had to cut my hair and most girls who went to my school cried but I came home with a smile because now I could breath, I did not have to put a comb through my "stubborn-thick-lucious-hair" every weekend and I did not have to keep my nose for hours in a smelling woman's wrapper.  I was pleased to wet my hair everyday and not worry about my mom smacking my face so hard that my head spinned.  I couldn't believe that I was finally free! 
Well I had my hair short until I came to America, specifically Auburndale.  We hated the idea of moving and we wanted to go back home every chance we got.  Now what does this have to do with my hair? well the kids at school made me feel welcome, I was called all sorts of things "ugly African," broom stick- do you want my left overs," "you look like a boy and so on."  My mom was very good at making us overlook everything they said but the only one she took action over was the boy comment and she decided for me then that I will grow my hair.  Urghhh... I thought and yes I re-lived every memory of my childhood hair until I permed it on prom night, March of 2000.  I was the happiest girl alive and I still am whenever I perm my hair.  But I tell you as you get older, your taste does change and I want to celebrate the natural hair God gave me.  This is the beginning of all of the good things I expect this year.  I am going back to those stubborn roots
I have talked about it for years and my stylists, hubby and friends have discouraged me saying your hair is so thick, uh-uh don't come to me for help -lol Well it is my 10 and the half year with perm and I hope I make it. My hubby has been nervous about it but I have talked about it so much that he gave in.
My hair currently is a little past shoulder length when straightened, I am open to ideas and suggestions to make this process easier, including product ideas.  Thanks for reading :)

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