Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belly is now too outstretched to hide :)

This weekend was catchup weekend and I got most of it done except for the kitchen; it is not quite the way I want it.  Anyways on another note, ladies do not estimate the power of pregnancy- yes I'm pregnant.  Although the baby finds away to remind me everyday (which I appreciate since I turned into a worrying bee) I often forget since I live by myself most of the time and I've learned to remain self reliant.  The other day I made an attempt to push my car out of the ditch of snow, since none of my neighbors was at home- I mean completely forgetting for a second that I was carrying someone else.  Then not to count how many times I took of running because I was late or trying to catch up to someone and then stop when the stares remind me of my condition .... and so on
I think the tiredness is my most annoying symptom so far and the nausea is next runner up.  I just want to keep on going but there are frequent drawbacks such as to stop to catch my breath; to stop to pee; to just take a break and so on.  So chores has gone for a few hours to forever but hey for this little one it is well worth it. 
One thing I realize since this little munchkin has been growing in my belly is how even more important I value family.  I catch myself thinking far ahead like how I will raise this little one; if I could teach him/her to be as mature and independent.  If I will home school? If he/she will get sick of hearing about the amazing things God has done in our lives. Sometimes, I break into little exciting memories of my childhood, some of the games we (my siblings and I) played, I have been writing them down as I remember them, because I want to capture as much as I can to share with my child.  Especially, since I have no pictures, oh this kid is going to think mummy is so old since there were no cameras during her time :)  I have also been surfing the web for books I loved to read growing up; and men I came across some folk tales I wrote down as a kid and I can't wait to share.  I hope my children embrace all of their heritage like I do; I hope they have a wonderful childhood. 

“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves” Kahil Gibran

I think I am becoming weird I still have a couple of more months for this kid to lovingly kick the heck out of me. :)



P.E.T. Projects said...

i see u're expecting...You've gotta take it easy so u dont hurt urself or the baby

This is my first time here but i'll def be back!

Nenyenwa said...

thanks for stopping by and hope all is well- I hear you on that although it is easier said than done in my line of work:)

Naijamum said...

Congratulations on the baby
I can see you will be a great mum..
How can I tell?
Because you are already planning to do your best.
This is my first time here and I likey
I've popped you on my blog roll so I'll def be dropping by again

Nenyenwa said...

awww Naijamum that means a lot; I know I will do my very best to conquer the challenges of raising a child in this environment

Northern Girl said...

(rubs hands together in happiness-- I've found another cool Mommy-to-be blog!!) I am so frightened by motherhood lol. Very nice blog!

Northern Girl said...

You might like Shiko's blog:

Nenyenwa said...

thanks Northern Girl- I'll check the blog out