Sunday, February 20, 2011

The joys that the little one brings

So some of the exciting things for me about "carrying belle" (pregnancy) are the experiences that remind me that there is a little one in my belly.  Some of them were awful- to mention a few tiredness, nausea without vomiting, and constant urination and so on.  Nausea without vomiting is awful because I feel that if I just vomit I would feel so much better- who knows.
But there is good news because as the pregnancy progress some of these awful symptoms leaves you and a new pregnancy reminder replaces it.  I was so excited to get rid of the constant tiredness and the nausea without vomiting, but now it takes me 7 minutes to tie my shoes (you can laugh all you want but yes I am starting to time it).  I am glad that there is no one to laugh while I am doing it.  Now everyone that talks to me on the phone says "are you ok why are you breathing so heavily ughh!!!" Another exciting one is I had been enjoying the occasional kicks of my little ones- now he/she constantly kicks at the wrong times and very hard.  Sometimes it is while I am in conference and I want to hear the rest of the 5 minutes, instead of going to the restroom to empty my bladder and then comes the kick right on my bladder.  One time I jumped up and as embarrassed as I was just ran to the bathroom.  I wished the baby was right in front of me so that I could just scold him or her.  And as I walked out I had to face the dreaded questions from my colleagues- "hey what was that all about?"
The new thing now is baby sleeps when I am awake and plays while I am trying to sleep.  One day I didn't know what else to do and I know that at these stage they can hear noises so I started to talk to my baby - "could you just please let mummy sleep for a few hours" and the kicking stopped like he/she was listening then as soon as I laid down it resumed.  And so I wondered maybe my voice is what calms him/her to sleep and so when I'm quiet it goes crazy to get me to speak. Men who knows! I still wish my bedtime for now will just match because I know I need the rest right now that he/she is still in my womb.
All in all the little one does bring a smile to my face although very active.


P.E.T. Projects said...

You actually watch the time it takes to lace up the shoes LOL. Dont worry, its all adds up to the joy of motherhood in the end. And those colleagues of urs wondering wots wrong, havent they seen ur belly?

Take care babes.

Naijamum said...

When I was pregnant, I noticed babies seem to sleep during the day and kick more at night.

Unfortunately, this continues after they are born - sleeping during the day and staying awake at night.

My friend said that it could because they were conceived at night...! *smile*

Nenyenwa said...

Thanks for the comments- @ P.E.T lol they have oh no mind dem oh. And @ Naijamum that's a good reason but I'm not sure mine was conceived at night, but I am working on figuring out the art of talking in my sleep so that the baby can feel comforted :)

Mrs. K said...

Congrats chi chi mama. Yay!. Now we can officially call you chi chi MAMA. I know you will be a good mom. How much longer to go?

Nenyenwa said...

thanks Moyando! baby arrives a few months and I of course don't have anything together since I am by myself.

HoneyDame said...

Aww... first time on your blog. Congratulations on the little one. You make it sound like an adorable period....:D...I am so taking a rain check on being pregnant!

Nenyenwa said...

HoneyDame Welcome and come back as often as you can :) Thank u