Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just met someone who insisted that she wanted a girl and nothing else; the rest of her family didn't mind either way but they had a worried look on their faces hoping that it wouldn't be a girl.  I didn't know why and I didn't ask but I was worried that she was not going to care for the child if it were a boy.  It turned out to be a girl and I learned later that the reason why she wanted a girl was because she had chosen a very special name.  That I will tell you later.
One of the exciting things for me is to hear the names that people have chosen for their growing little ones; now I have heard all sort of names- most of them are beautiful and thoughtful and some of them are just wrong! and their reasons even more wrong and each time I think this has got to be the worst, I hear a new one. 
Examples: "Amillion Dallas" (the goal is to attain a million dollars) except when that poor child gets older, a million dollars may be just chicken change and she would think what on earth were they thinking; "Gonorrhea" because mom found out that she had the infection and the baby daddy gave it to her- ok why does the child have to suffer for it? or maybe she felt it sounded medical?; "Emanon"- now this one might fool you but if you spell if backwards it is no name, the parents couldn't think of a good name for her-if I were this chick I would come up with a true meaning and spread it around so that it may end up in the internet because truthfully it doesn't sound horrible ; one person named her baby Beautiphul Unique- it didn't sound bad but wait till you hear the full name- Beautiful Unique Dick- ok  no comment.
Please do not get me wrong you are entitled to naming your child but you don't need to enlighten the days of those employees of the social security office with your child's names- they will be just fine.  Don't make out God's precious gift to you to be a joke.  Think about your child applying for medical school or a job with the name Beautiphul Unique Dick or do you not have bigger dreams for your child?  Do not reduce your child to jokes from their peers in school. 
You can be unique all you want but I know you can do better for your child's sake.  Your child's name is not all about you, so if you are angry, or over excited or whatever emotions that is running through those pregnant heads....if unsure run it by a close friend that will be truthful to you and if you want to be safe pick a biblical name and call it a day. 
Anyways, the most recent one that motivated me to write this blog is the name - "Apartofme" WTH??????? I almost screamed out why don't you name the kid Placenta! or Uterus! or Breast! just to remind the child later that she is a part of you! 
On that very note, I am still working on mine (praying) and you will find out the name when the baby arrives.  It is a little tough for me because I have to come up with a boy and a girl name since I opted not to know the sex of the baby and I have to provide a name prior to leaving the hospital.

PS- I find myself writing more and more about babies and pregnancy- this baby can't already be taking over?  I will do myself to mix it up and keep it interesting... enjoy!


P.E.T. Projects said...

I thought I heard the worst when I met a woman named 'Hustler' what kind of a person names their child BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE ****??? Thats just horrible SMH.*sigh*

Please dont stop writing about babies, its the phase you are in and I sense you get a lot of inspiration from it, moreover its fun reading abt it, so carry go!

9jaFOODie said...

chaiiiii... some parents can be wicked when naming their kids. i think there was a feature on yahoo a while back about ridiculous names parents try to give their kids. I was stunned.
heard of the guy that named his kid "Facebook". smh... poor child.

Nenyenwa said...

sigh I hear you P.E.T thanks for the encouragement. Lol @ 9jafoodie I will have to add facebook and hustler to my list :)

Oluwatobi said...

I just gave you an award on my blog. Visit to claim it!