Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Tribute to Saleha Huuda

Leha dead? your death is still a shock to me? A victim of domestic violence? ... why didn't any of us see this coming? why couldn't anyone save you from their wicked hands? why did you have to die?  You had so much to contribute to this world; and who would have known that there was someone out there who was evil enough to shorten your life.  I always wondered how a tiny person had that much lung capacity lol- you had so much to say and so much energy.
How could he have known you, or ever heard you laugh and still killed you with his hands.  I thought I would feel better when the case was solved but I have mixed emotions.  I finally decided to watch your tribute video yesterday and couldn't stop crying - all of the memories came flowing.  It never dawned on me how close a wicked person can be; I used to be afraid to run on the streets of Gainesville in the dark (not particularly Gainesville- anywhere), sometimes we held dance practice late because people had things to do.

Thank you for your continuous fight to help all of us bear your loss; I believe you directed the investigators to the hands that killed you.  The truth always comes to light doesn't it?  My prayers are with your family and all your loved ones; for continuous strength from God to help all of us bear your loss; for a breath of fresh air that your killers are out of the streets- so that this act will never again be repeated.  We could never replace you and will continue to remember you in the many memories you left us.  Rest In Peace Leha and may God, in his infinite mercy, be with your soul and bless you until we meet again.


Queen Dee said...

I am Saleha's cousin! It's crazy things change at any moment! I miss her like crazy and everyday I wish I can text her or call her and hear her voice again.

Nenyenwa said...

Hi Queen Dee sorry for your loss...I hope it is alright with the to write about her- she was such a beautiful person. I pray that God continues to help all of you bear her loss.