Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Messages

A friend of mine shared with me this young girls name and I happened to look her up on google search and stumble across this very unique and interesting story.

Read her story -

Be prepared because it is a long narration, but I still think it is worth sharing.  It is a narration of a young girl's vision about hell and heaven.  Again it is very long so take your time.  My two cents- you have to be very careful about how you interpret the nitty gritty, I think the overall messages are great and a reminder for us to tell those who don't know or who will not listen the message of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. 
My take on the message-
1) Heaven is real and so is hell;
2) Repent before it is too late and it is much sooner than we think;
3) Practice what you preach, and be sure that what you preach is according to the words written in the bible. 
4) God is merciful and has provided everything we need to avoid hell- which was created originally for Satan and his Angels. 
5) Do not spend your time thinking your church or your bare-minimum-church-related activities will save you; you always have to give more and lead as Christians. 
6) Hanging on to your bible, cross, rosary, fav. grandma, saint, Mother of Jesus etc. has never been the way and we should all know that; unfortunately I have met a lot of Catholics that think this way, hence giving other christians that wrong impression. 
7) Discover the Lord for yourself and embrace him, it does not matter what church you worship, all he cares for is that your soul is constantly in his favor ...I can go on and on with my Easter messages but the conclusion is that our time here on earth is very short and it is time for God to be more of our priority.
8) Will you be ready if Jesus Christ comes right this very moment? Scary isn't it- I've got some more work to do.

God bless you all and Happy Easter!


Naijamum in L. said...

Hope you had a peaceful Easter.
Have a good week

Nina B said...

you're so right, may god help us to follow his way
it's not easy for me but it's worthy
excuse my english i'm an ivorian so we speak french not english

Nenyenwa said...

@Naijamum- I did ad u too have a wonderful week.
@Nina ur english is fine; come back