Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too long

Ok so my dearest blog, I sure have ignored you for far too long and I am sad that my reasons may not be good enough for you :( Please accept my apology.  I also want to thank Oluwatobi for the generous blog award.  I think I may not have noticed it in time.  A lot has happened since 19kiridi when I last blogged but hey I have baby bump pictures to share :)

  I have been catching up on a lot of residency related stuff since I am quite the procrastinator.  Everything is due right around when baby is planned to arrive.  Also we have been preparing for the residency review board- talk about high stress.  I am also preparing for my board exam.  And then to top it all I have been preparing my mind and heart for hubby's deployment. 
Also, since there is a chance that hubby may not be present for the birth of our first born, I had to stop everything else and spend all that quality time with my one and only.  I also gave him a chance to make up for his possible and previous absence :).  By previous, I mean that Hubby and I have lived in two different states since shortly after our marriage; this is because of our jobs; it has been 3 years now and we have done well but it sure was not easy.  (The pictures were taken on our 3 year church wedding anniversary. ) We are counting the days we will get to live together under one roof...anyways, for this reason I dealt with the miserable first trimester by myself, the awkward second trimester and finally I am dancing to the tunes of the third trimester.  Yes things continue to get better.
I took some days off and really chillaxed with hubby and we caught up on foot rubs; we went for a pedicure; went around a shopping plaza; watched a movie; played with little baby in my womb and laughed at each other; called our 9ja people at home; celebrated our anniversary and took some maternity shots.  And then it came time to say good bye until ... (hopefully in time for the delivery).  But I am prepared for if he doesn't show up because I plan on staying with a friend for a week and then maybe borrowing my friend, or one of the maternity nurses that I work with for a husband. 
The delivery hubby requirement's are simple (since no one can ever replace the Mr.) 1) encourage me even though I may suck at pushing; 2) feed me ice-chips whenever I ask for them; 3) hold my hands when I need you; 4) and when the baby comes tell me that the baby is the most gorgeous being you ever saw whether you think it or not.
See you don't even have to get into it or take pictures.  Ok so I am already starting to make plans to burn all of the excess weight, which I will write about later. Below is a picture of me 3-4 years ago (prior to our wedding) and right next to it is the beauty of pregnancy.

Good bye and pray for my husband and the rest of the troops.


Naijamum in L. said...

Good to see you back...
I can never cease to be amazed by a pregnant woman's belly!
I still wonder at the miracle of a child growing inside.
May God be with you through the delivery and May God guide your hubby and others deployed. Amen

9jaFOODie said...

Awww....such beautiful pictures. may God almighty keep ur hubby and the rest of the troop safe. It is well with you IJN.

Adenike said...

First time here on your blog.
Christ is your strength :)
I'm unmarried but hoping to be one day, I can only imagine it lonely at times having to go through such an experience by yourself without hubby by your side. I pray you guys will finally get to live together as one family under the same roof soon.
May the Almighty watch over your hubby and others. May it be well with you. Amen.

Your pictures are lovely

P.E.T. Projects said...

Wow... im speechless.

Wishing u safe delivery

kitkat said...

omg your belly when u were pregnant is so big and beautiful!..may God be with the hubby while he serves. :)

Nenyenwa said...

Naijamum: aww tanks so much and may your blessings go a long way for us.
9jaFoodie: thanks as well for your prayers and well wishes.
Adenike: thanks for stopping by, you will definitely get married some day. Amen!
P.E.T projects: thanks
kitkat: thanks and stop by again

Mrs. K said...

You are one gorgeous pregnant lady. So cute. I know you and hubby will be great parents :)

Nenyenwa said...

awws thanks Mrs. K- it is good to hear from you- hope u and hubby r well and dandy

Nina B said...

what a lovely picture, i wish you all the best

Nenyenwa said...

thanks Nina :)