Saturday, May 21, 2011

catch up with us

So baby is still in the womb, which is ok by me because it still has some developing to do and his/her daddy isn't here.  The Navy has decided to send daddy home to us but 3 days to delivery date.  I pray for his safe return.  Every day is getting harder in completing tasks, the baby has dropped.  My sisters and mom through me a beautiful shower last two weeks and I was so excited to see my friends.
Flying to Florida was quite painful; my feet were swollen; there were men who watched me try to place my carry on in the overhead compartment and offered no help.  I am glad I am done with flying for now.  Then my four beautiful friends from medical school came last weekend for our yearly trip/ my fourth baby shower.  I was so glad we got to catch up, though it was not as exciting as our yearly NewYork trip but I made it up to them since I was too pregnant to fly.
I have done all the laundry for the baby and I've done the best I can in terms of preparing for the baby.  I cannot believe we are almost here.  I look forward to daddy coming home because I need his help and because we miss him.
Daddy has so much to do including moving his family back home and deciding what to do with the house here since I will be completing residency next month.  Everything is happening so fast.  I will catch up with you guys soon.

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9jaFOODie said...

awww...Good luck to you! God is ur strength! arrrgggg.. so rude of the men on the plane not to help :(