Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to Work :((

So I have spent 7 wonderful weeks with my daughter.  For the first 4 weeks her daddy was with us but soon had to go back to work.  My husband is so good with her, and she loves to lay on her daddy's chest.  He even got many chances to feed her pumped breast milk.  He always asked to take her for a few hours so that I can get some sleep.  Do I sound like I miss him? yes oooo We would have gone back with him if I cut some of my time from my maternity leave but I couldn't afford to do that to her or myself.  I graduated from residency yay!!! but have a few weeks to make up.  So daddy will be coming back to get us. 

I have been more blessed after my pregnancy, Mmesoma attracted helping hands from all corners.  I wish she had those magic powers in utero lol.  At one point my grandma and my sister looked like they were fighting to hold the chic (nekwa nu mo).  Joke aside, my mom later joined us and spent 3 weeks with us.  It was great seeing all 4 generations together.

Today was a little difficult since it was the longest I've been away from her and was also sleep deprived.  But it was easier going back to work since I knew she was in the hands of someone who loves her very much.  And could you imagine the child boycotted bottle lol, she was hungry for the breast milk in the bottle but refused the packaging.  It did not smell or feel like her mom's nipples.  Could you imagine that she tortured herself until she couldn't bear the hunger.  When she decided to eat, my grandma said she pouted throughout her feeding.  My grandma couldn't stop laughing at my child and the frantic new mom on the other end of the phone (me). 
But what was great about the whole day was the happy grin I received when I came home.  She missed her mama and I missed her too.

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