Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yay! I Survived

Yes! I survived my first month.  I had so much to blog about but there was never anytime.  I still love being a mummy.  I went to work all day and sometimes all night and came home to a lovely grin that missed me so much.  Today I had my last call as a resident (I ended with 3 straight night calls), this means I can now receive my real certificate of completion instead of the fake one I got on graduation.  woo hoo!  I was asked by some to talk about my experiences going back to work with a new little one.
My daughter is currently 11 weeks and I went back to work when she was about 6 weeks.  I originally planned to go back to work after 2 weeks, so that I wouldn't have to hang around here and also so that baby and I can quickly join her dad.  Well whenever I plan my life, God always seems to remind me that I need to let go and not be so controlling :) I ended up having an emergency c-section and breastfeeding was not as easy as I thought and I learned that I needed all the weeks off I could get.
The C-section complicated things a lot for me postpartum; because my breast milk did not come as quickly as I wanted and baby was loosing weight- it took about 5 days before it finally came in.  Recovery was not very easy, I had so much swelling/edema I looked like a balloon and had difficulties doing anything.  I needed help getting out of bed; I couldn't drive for a few weeks and couldn't start any form of exercise until 6 weeks.  My husband was very supportive and helpful, he did everything from cooking, running errands, driving us around, keeping me calm, putting the belly band every time, holding the baby for hours so that I could sleep,  even doing hot water compresses on my belly until I was able to do them on my own and so on really everything for 4 weeks. And then he had to leave :( he will be back soon yay!
I think I already mentioned that I didn't realize there was a huge waiting list for daycare around here including the one at the hospital (which is what most doc's such as myself tend to use), so I had to accept my grandma's offer to help watch her in my absence.  Most of you may know doctors see the worst things and so we tend to live on the cautious side.  I had many concerns- such as grandma is uneducated and how will she learn infant CPR, or that she could not speak English and how would she be able to communicate if she had to dial 911; also she could not drive- it will be nice if she could bring my daughter to work for some of her feedings; would she be able to figure out the bottle warmer for the breast milk in the fridge and understand how many ounces to fill it up to and so on.
There is good news we survived the first month, I figured out that my baby eats 3 oz or less while I'm gone, since she piles up to get the good stuff when I return.  SO I purchased 3 oz bottles and all grandma has to do is to fill it up.  Then I set up the phone so that she only has to push 2 to dial 911 and I told her to say it in igbo and if they cannot understand her they will trace the call and show up.  I pray hard that nothing happens and infant CPR was not needed.  I taught her to use the stove to boil water and place the baby's bottle in it (bottle warmer does the same thing) and so on.  Basically we made it work somehow, she did raise 12 kids after all including my mom.
Although I do have a small confession to make- my grandma and I did not get along and so before I start my real job I will work on finding someone else.  Most of it are normal things for her are not what we advise to our pediatric patient's mom's and she refused to learn these things.  And the scary thing is she pretended to hear me but did it her way in my absence.  I welcomed some of it a little but it got to a point that I got uncomfortable especially at the expense of my daughter. Also I found myself stressed at work; I walked on egg shells throughout the month and I decided that if I were going to be that uncomfortable then although that person may be able to provide her with all the love but she is not the best person to watch her.
I thought I would hurt her feelings but she was relieved that she will be going back to my mom since she is old and her great grandchild is quite active and doesn't want to sleep as much hence she is loosing her nap time. 
On another topic- I missed blogging and breastfeeding was an awesome accomplishment- to be continued on my next blog.


Mimi B said...

Congrats on being a new Mummy. cant wait to hear more about your experiences : )

9jaFOODie said...

Congrats congrats.... I am sure your grandma will do a great job taking care of your baby, don't worry too much.

deolascope said...

Wishing you the very best and memorable experiences with your daughter...

Nenyenwa said...

@ Mimi thanks don't worry I will write more- thanks for stopping by.
@ my teambeans lol she does do a great job but refuses to follow my instructions and times have changed. She will be able to watch her for a few hours but not like she is now.
@deolascope thanks again for stopping by and for your well wishes. My daughter was big to start with :)

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Congrats on being a new mommy and making it through that first month. Everything's so new and different and lovely and scary all at the same time. And you made it. Yay!

Nenyenwa said...

@Alicia thanks- I concur she's teaching me lots