Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gear Military Mode and The End of Our 3 years of Separation

We weren't really maritally separated for 3 years, we just lived apart.  I was just in one state (KS) for residency, while daddy was in another state (Fl) were he was based in the military.
So we (baby and I) finally made the move to Florida.  We are now in one house with daddy- thank God.  As some of you may know, I completed residency some months ago but we were waiting to accompany daddy on the long drive to Florida.  Why de heck didn't I fly? well na love do me oh ...
We were lucky enough to qualify for the military move- which they normally move everything except the car(s) (if the move is within the US).  So since the drive was 22 hours, I was afraid hubby may fall asleep if he didn't have us with him.  I was discouraged by many because of the baby but I didn't listen since hubby assured me that we will make stops as frequent as baby and I would need.
Well ... when we got in the car hubby got on "gear military mode" that means he only sees the finish line and does not hear either me or anyone for that matter.  I had to speak in many different languages (including joining my daughter to screame aaahhhhhh) to get him to stop to feed the baby or change her.  My legs were so tired, I started to tell my daughter be prepared this will be a very long drive but I think God gave us a girl so that me and you together will break daddy off this military crap.
One time he dozed off and lost control of the car for a millisecond but it felt like eternity with me screaming "Jesus help us! Jesus help us!" and can you imagine that after he gained control he went on back to "gear military mode." Haba! I screamed we have to stop, I can drive if it is that important to you that we get home- To no avail but he agreed to stop for coffee.  So I quickly called my mom and I told her that she should call my husband's phone and randomly encourage him to stop and told her off the divine intervention that saved our lives.
I turned off my phone so when she called hubby's phone
hubby- (asks me) is your phone on?
me- it is turned off because I am charging it (and he suggested that maybe my mom was trying to reach me, so I gave the excuse that I was nursing so that he would take the call.
My mom on speaker:
mom- Papa Mma kedu (how r u), I tried to reach Nenyenwa and it appears that her phone is turned off
hubby- oh ok, hope all is well?
Mom- yes all is well, how is the trip so far
hubby- great!
Mom- ok hope you guys are making frequent stops, because at times you may feel tired and before you know it you may doze off ... there is no race to get here it is better to get your family home safe than to rush ...
Hubby- I don't think that will happen, we are doing ok
Me (screaming from the back seat with the baby) ahh mummy it is not true oh! this just happened right this very minute ....
Jude finally rounds up with my mom and says to me wow! we should probably stop, this is like a divine intervention that your mom called right when after it happened may be God sent her to call us and warn us. God did send her in a way but through me, and I didn't think there was any need to share what actually happened especially since baby and I got to stretch our legs while daddy took a nap.
We arrived safe, and spent this past 2 weeks putting the house in order and getting baby's room cozy and warm for her.  Anyways, we haven't spent much time together so this morning when I got up with him to help him get ready for his first day back at work on a new ship.  I had a moment ... I realized that our 3 year time apart was finally over.  He asked me what I was thinking and when I told him, he said "I don't know about you but I was so happy when I drove you guys home from Kansas, I was so afraid that my stubbornness almost cost me my family- normally I will be calling you on my way off to work but now I get to kiss my family good bye knowing that they will be here waiting on my return."  We forgave daddy a long time ago, actually after we got to stretch our legs- he is lucky to have easy going girls.


LadyNgo said...

you guys are so cute lol

Anonymous said...

Aaawww... how sweet. Thank God for journey mercies. Enjoy your new home together

Nenyenwa said...

@ LadyNgo and Anony thanks

Okeoghene said...

It is not easy and being separated from the other half of your family o. You tried and even survived 3 years. My husband was away from home for a year and I can confidently say that it was God that kept me and the kids. Thank God for journey mercies. Now you can breathe easy

Oops! said...

AWH! How sweeeeeeeet. I am going to bawl.

Nenyenwa said...

thanks for ur comments :)