Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catch Up With Us!

I'm baaaaaack.  Thanks everyone for your wonderful wishes- hope you are all doing well.  I just sat for my 9-hours-board exam this past Saturday and I will find out the results in 8 weeks.  Her Papa watched her while I was gone and seriously she didn't have any missing parts.  Just kidding he actually does a great job watching her.  I mean hubby fights to hold and care for her.  I can tell that he will spoil her though since he tries to ruin every routine I create whenever he returns- but he is learning very quickly. What did I do since I disappeared?  I peeked at some people's blogs and even couldn't help but add a few comments here and there.  I settled into Florida; at least for now I'm starting to get used to the whole idea of heat in the Winter (ummm Not! really what's up with that?).  I attended a close friend's wedding.
The Fam!
Mr. & Mrs. Okparaocha
I visited my sisters twice....the first time was to get out of town and the second time was for wedding shopping. Yep! Someone is getting married (so excited!!!!!)- my sister (aka runaway bride) is engaged and getting married in 3 months (like seriously cross your fingers).
My Sister & her Yori Yori
 My cousin got married and I unfortunately was not able to attend. My sister and husband to be did though.
Judith & her Yori Yori
I prepared a meal for hubby almost every day (not counting when his ship went to sea).  Hubby even acclaimed one day how grateful he is that I was no longer a million miles away.  I was going to ask if it was because of the cooking but I figured it was sweet either way you look at it.  I actually love to cook and he loves to help or do the dishes afterward.
It was very difficult studying with my quickly growing child.  She has gotten even more active and very easily bored.  One minute she will be entertained by something and the next minute she would want something else.  I learned her many different languages (I can tell you what every sound means and even when she is fake crying just for my attention)- my hubby is amazed by it.  I can be in the kitchen and he will have her in the room and I will scream out to him she pooped and needs her diaper changed.
 Mmeso cannot run up the stairs just yet ( but she climbs everything like the picture below of her in the bath robe - she was 4.5 months (we already had to drop down the crib bed to give Mama piece of mind);
she can sit without support (4 months old) ; says dada; imitates sounds; I thought her how to go to sleep on her own with the Cry It Out Method (this does not mean I let her cry forever)- she also sleeps from 8 pm to 5am (can someone say awesome)
singing children praises in her dress blues

plays with her hands and feet ; mouths everything in the world (scary); turns both sides; recognizes her own name (love it!); stranger anxiety is in full gear (:()
getting down to business with her book
 crawls backwards (this is hilarious by the way).
trying to crawl
First time she had rice cereal

Even learning to drive her Papa's car
Mmeso is a joyful child and we thank God so much for her.  Though breast milk is still the majority of her diet, Mmeso started solids- I bought the baby bullet and I make her homemade baby food (it is easier and cheaper for me).
I have also enjoyed being the stay home mom and wife but is now working on getting out of the house more. Obtaining a Florida License has proven itself to be a nuisance- it takes a long time but as soon as I get that then on to employment.  On another note I started insanity workout and I am on my second week- maybe one day I will post about my progress.  I am also working on our Family's Christmas letter/greeting.
Hubby found out he was going to be underway for thanksgiving so I prepared a bunch of dishes and we marked thanksgiving on Tuesday and though Mmeso was sleepy I got a picture that will do for her scrapbook.  I thank God for my husband, family, friends and that includes my blog friend, I thank God that my exam is over ... I thank God for giving us so much to be thankful for this year.
Happy thanksgiving and I hope that you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving - what do you have to be thankful for?


LadyNgo said...

Aaaawwww, little Mmeso...well u already know how much i adore ur baby lol. And how is it possible i didn't know Amaka was getting married? Man, everyone is getting married now, i need to go and catch up lol. Congrats to her though :)

9jaFOODie said...

OMGGGGGGG... adorable much!! I love... congrats hon, your family is beautiful!

Amy said...

Praying for excellent results on your board exam. 9 hours?!?! Geez the long expensive standardized testing never ends does it? Anyway the little one is so adorable. I'm sure santa will be smitten with her cute face and given her tons and tons of good stuff this Christmas ;)

HoneyDame said...

That is one heck of a beautiful baby! did u say that she started climibing @ 4.5 months? wow!!
You and your sister look alike o...pretty peoples!

I am sure you will get positive feedback on your exams. Glad to know you are settling in alright.

Highly Favored said...

Your daughter is so adorable! Very happy for you that everything is falling in place.