Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Girl's Christianing

It was a great weekend for our family.  Let me take you guys back a few weeks ago; I was so excited to get her to join the other kids at church to pose with Santa.  She didn't obviously see what I was so hiped up about lol.
Refusing to Smile
Now back to my reason for the post- She got baptized this past weekend.  I had so much stress fun planning it, I put in so much work and then that day she had a fight with me because she didn't want to wear the dress that her diva aunty bought her.  And then just decided to cry through half of the day.  At some point I wondered what happened to my cheerful child.  She screamed and screamed but I had no other dress and I was not about to go late to church.  So I finally (dancing to her, making a fool of myself) got the dress on her and then learned that the dress was too fluffy for her car seat.  lol at me Urghhhh!  after contemplating everything I ended up strapping her as tight as I could and prepared myself to deal with the wrinkles at church.
This is baby girl's why me look?
This was a few days prior to the baptism
I also had to fight family from turning her baptism into a party and I was glad they listened because we just had the main people show up.  We had just the Godpapa and his wife; Godmama and her family; my siblings; and my cousin and her family.
Parents and Godparents (minus their separate families)
cousin ChiChi and family
God papa and wife (minus their five kids)

Godmama and family
There was plenty of food; I cooked a dish every night starting from 5 days leading to the Christianing.  I had fried coconut rice and dodo, ogbono soup, egusi soup, oha soup with pounded yam, chin-chin, meat pie, rice, beans and stew, baked chicken, pepper soup, ukwa/breadfruit.  For a woman with pikin,  I was quite proud of myself.  I was so thankful to see my dear cousin- ChiChi again (it had been since 2007) and to meet her husband and baby.
My siblings (minus one) in their funny pose
My siblings represented well even one brother had his high end camera with stick or pole and took some fancy pictures, the other had a video camera- I was very happy.  Every one of my siblings were present except for my older sister who was in Nigeria (planning her wedding) and my cousin whom I last saw almost 21 years ago was in attendance.
21 years later we meet again
We were so glad that Hubby could make it, he met us at the church and loved my hair.  It was the second time he saw it, he was not sure about it at first but thought he could get used to it.  During the day of the baptism, I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the day or what it was, he whispered how great (his exact word was sexy) I looked.
close up hair picture
Though at the beginning of the day, baby was so overwhelmed by all the new faces, she later warmed up to pretty much everyone.  She did great during the actual baptism because she loves water and thought she was getting a bath lol. Overall, it was a very fulfilling day, for it was our daughter's official initiation and the beginning of her journey through Christ.  My parents did not attend but it was ok because everyone felt at home and we didn't even notice those who were absent because of how blessed we felt.
I also found out that I passed my boards. Thankfully I am now board certified in Family Medicine. So many blessings and I thank you all for your prayers and support...I wish you all many many blessings as we approach this Christmas season.


Highly Favored said...

Very nice, happy to hear that things went well. Would have been nice to see pictures of the FOOD!

9jaFOODie said...

Awww.... happy family. she is such a beauty!

Nenyenwa said...

@ Highly Favored thanks and You are right! It never occurred to me to take the pictures of my food but I will do that next time.
@ 9jaFoodie thanks so much

MrsNdem said...

I just discovered your blog and read the last 5 or 6 posts. I love it!!! God be with you guys as this year ends. May He bless your family and keep you and your husband always united in spirit and in peace. Your lil girl is such a pumpkin ;-)

Okeoghene said...

You really tried o with all the plenty food you cooked. Thank God the baptism was a success and you were able to reunite with family. I love your baby girl's why me look. She looked older than her months there

Nenyenwa said...

@MrsNdem Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoy it!
@Okeoghene thanks I'm not even sure how I pulled it of :)

LadyNgo said...

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww ChiChi was there?!? I haven't seen her in years! When my GodDaughter got christened she was acting a fool the whole morning in church and then when the time came for her actual Christening, she was knocked out lol. I don't know what it is about babies and these things. I think they just don't like the big poofy dresses lol

Amy said...

She looks like a doll in her pretty Christening gown!

Natural Nigerian said...

You seem to have had several blessings this end of year.

Congratulations on passing the board and becoming certified.

Your hair looks great (to borrow your husband's words).

Wow! at your cooking all those dishes....I worry a bit about cooking ahead but it seems to have worked out.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!