Thursday, December 1, 2011

For Better For Worse

Mmeso being her happy little self as always :)
Thank you all for your comments and thank you also for sharing your experiences.  It is however sad that people can relate to this.  Not that I thought we were the only one in the world going through this, but that this type of thing should not be happening.
In truth, I never felt a necessity to validate my actions before but I had to blog about it because I felt very conflicted in my thoughts.  I had tried my best to stay in tune with all of my loved ones but I felt like the more that they saw that my husband and I were a unit, the more noise they made.  And no matter how we repeated to ourselves that we would not let it bother us, it slowly creeped its way in our many daily conversations; it started to disrupt our sleep and even started to affect our everyday life.  It had become too distracting and since our baby can now tell when mama and papa is sad it made me ask myself whether they were adding or subtracting from my happiness.
Our Ada Jesus!

I love my family very much and will always love them but my parents have sometimes pushed me to the point that I wanted to ask how much do I owe you for raising me? I never said it but so many times I wanted to. I realized a long time ago that I cannot divide myself into two and decided to always stand by my husband and will continue to do so.
Our daughter's happiness is so vital to us, it warms us up when she smiles and you can imagine she does so all the time.  I have chosen to go with my decision to lay low and whenever they receive God and choose to join in this our matrimonial sacrament, then so be it.  We have chosen to be happy and as adults we know what it takes to be happy and for peace to reign in our home. 
 I will continue to pray about it (and for everyone else that is experiencing anything close to this) and I will allow God to take charge.  For anyone else experiencing this, as you pray and await your miracle also remember to stand by the promise you made to your spouse, because hopefully you got married because you saw something great so don't allow anyone else (not even your family) to cloud your good judgment.  Again! I thank God for all of your comments and support.


Joy said...

My sister, your story is very familiar as well as the other lady who commented. The Bible tells us its with faith and patience that we inherit the promises. Trust that God will change the hearts of your folks, and keep thanking God for answered prayers. Do your responsibility with boundaries, and then enjoy your marriage and your life, my sister. God has brought you this far in your new family and He is faithful. Pursue understanding about how to even make your home full of more joy. I listen to ministries (like and that are focused on helping us be better wives, and mothers. While i weathered similar storms, the Word of God brought peace. The tears would come, but i would wipe them off and continue, determined to stay partnered with God to see me through. He will see you through. Just be determined to do your path to honor your parents, and limit the strife. God Bless.

Nenyenwa said...

Amen Amen thanks Joy