Friday, December 14, 2012

OMG! Is It Christmas Already?

Hubby and I have been so busy and so it feels like Christmas snuck up on us this year.  So prior to thanksgiving I imagined everything I would do to get baby girl in the Xmas spirit but it has been one thing after the other and I've only been able to get some of them accomplished.
We did manage to put up a Xmas tree with some ornaments but it was never done at the same time; Papa put up the tree and half was done with everyone around and the rest was done when we were all in bed.  I put up the ornaments and this year I didn't use our good ornaments, I went with the non-breakable ones from the dollar tree. (Pictures to come later.)  There are some presents under the tree and I finally figured out a big Gift for the baby girl. (I will do a post hopefully.)
Our Christmas card is on the way, I just got an email that it has shipped and I was going to skip our christmas letter this year but have got 2 people ask after it geesh! just when I thought no one actually reads them. So tonight I need to work on one.
 I stood in line at the mall waiting to get Santa pictures with baby girl but she didn't get the hype about the big guy and was not having any part of him, hence the reason I had to sit with her in the picture.  She wanted to run around everywhere and I was unwilling to chase her around the mall.  We got an ok picture and I had to sit next to her (will post soon).
I've got to get ready for a work Christmas party tonight, we've already attended papa's and we usually make our presence known and bid our farewell. lol
I will work on Christmas Eve and when I return I will wrap some last minute gifts (likely half asleep) for the family.  Amidst all of this  I didn't get a chance to think of what I wanted and so when Jude asked me what I wanted I thought he meant right then and my response was just 2 hours of sleep.  He is just going to have to surprise me. Hubby is finally getting a gift he's wanted for years but then I was too broke to buy it, he had already noticed the box and is very excited about it. It was too big to hide.
I bought baby girl lots of religous christmas books and she is learning how to pray; before she eats she mummbles and then make her really interesting 'sign of the cross' and it is so cute ...  before she goes to bed she screams words that don't make any sense but the tune is to the song "praise ye the Lord- Alleluyah- praise ye the lord" I help her with it and when she is done with her prayers, I or papa help her with words we understand lol and she tells us night night!  We can't wait till she can understand the story behind the Birth of Jesus Christ! It is my favorite story and I think amidst Baby Girl's stare at my lips as I read it to her she appreciates it as well.
I plan to somehow squeeze in the cinnamon rolls and apple cider this year again;  I'm not sure when or how but Hubby liked the tradition last year and he's working on baby girl to be in on it to. Because he knows if she isn't, the tradition may justgo bye bye for next year especially if work stays this busy. Here are some pictures for the card, papa did not show up because he was stressed but after that our schedules never allowed us to be off around the same time. Baby girl was not in her best behavior on picture day since she wanted to play with the other kids but overall the picture turned out fair and I'm just glad we got one.

So this year the Christmas card will be featuring just baby girl and it is perfect timing because we have been trying to focus more time on her since our family is growing :) Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you get to all spend time enjoying your families.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow! Indeed it has been a while

It has been awhile and for many reasons- (pause) too long to narrate.  I have been through a lot and have learned some very important life lessons. Let us just say it was a difficult road that took me to places I never wish to go again..... oooo there were some trial times, some trial times ... I saw everyone's true colors and it left me in shock for some time.
I may write about it later but for now all I can say is I pray that my in-laws learn to respect themselves.  I also pray that God opens my husband's eyes so that one day he can also join me and set one boundary.  Anyways Hubby came home in July and we've both been quite busy; between fully now caring for my Mother-In-Law who is in her 60s (Doctor's never found anything physically causing her debility but I am some how the cause of this with my special voodoo powers I didn't know I had) and both bouncing full time careers, and our very active daughter ... all of these have allowed me no time for myself let alone family time.
I am always tired from work all day at work and then I go back home to work.  I appreciate everyone who asked after me- thank you.  Baby is all grown up and continues to bring us much joy.  She knows so many words for her age, and knows how to communicate very well via sign language, she also comprehends the igbo language very well and is still doing well at daycare. She is too independent and I am not ready for that.  She puts on her own shows just usually has it in the wrong foot but refuses for me to change it, she wants to feed herself, put on her own lotion, bath herself, and wants to use her potty when I'm using the potty ... I am proud to be her mama but I wished she gave me some time in many things. I will stop here- below are some fairly recent pics of her. I hope all of you are doing wonderful!
Baby girl glad to say "all done" for her hair

this shirt does not fit her any longer- this was September

My shark- mouth full of teeth

doesn't let me do anything for her

Monday, June 18, 2012

Where Did My Baby Girl Go?

Today was my daughter's first day at daycare and I sure built up anxiety for her for no reason.  Seriously I missed the days when it was just mama and no one else.  We arrived at daycare and at first she was so clingy wondering where in the world we were going and then she saw the kids her age and immediately flew out of my arms forgetting that I was there.  I said goodbye to her and the kid didn't even flinch. Ok I thought she will miss me in a few hours...nooooo each time I called they told me how amazing my child was at adjusting, and how they've never seen this type of adjustment; and how friendly and playful she was; and how she is eating everything and she likes being read to (urghhh! I could have used a little well she fussed a little but was easily consoled).  I was glad though because I was able to focus at work, but at the back of my mind I wished the girl cried just a little ...she does that when I leave her with anyone else including her grandma.
Anyways, after work I rush over there and as soon as I got there she was so excited to see me, she was sitting so well behaved listening to her teachers before she noticed me.  Today's experience was definitely bitter sweet but mostly sweet. I'm so glad she likes her daycare, because it wasn't an easy decision. Boy! do they grow so fast.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rest In Peace

A Letter To Our Daughter

Dear Angel,

I am writing you this letter because in just a few hours you will turn one.  It means more for me than you know.  For you the day is no different but for me this day was the day our whole lives changed for the best.  This time last year, Mama and Papa held hands together and wondered what you will be; we wondered what personalities you will portray as you grew; we had a lot of questions. And we prayed every opportunity we got.
Few Hours Post Delivery
Mama and Papa Mmeso worked so hard for you, we had a lot of obstacles planning you since we lived in separate states and lost half of each year to the military.  But the time that past I feel like it gave us an advantage because it got our mindset ready for parenthood, we got to enjoy timeless vacays and got to build a stronger bond.  Me and Papa have always been best of friends and we still are, you made us even closer.
You Love The Swing
Despite all of our preparations, you were still a very big surprise, because you were a humongous baby at 9 pounds 4.9 ounces and 21 inches long, but not only that, someone told papa that you would be a boy. I still think it is funny because you came out all girl and as perfect as we could ever have imagine.  Everyone wanted to carry you and play with you.  Right after your birth I was a little out of it and papa had to feed you a bottle :( boooooooo! it got mom a little worried at first but then you caught on to breastfeeding like a champ and we both loved it and we still do.
You Are Always Dancing :)

The next few months flew by very fast for us.  I felt like you were in such a hurry to meet your milestones which sometimes made mama and papa sad :(...we used to joke that you grew about 2 extra  months in utero.  Because the day after you were born you lifted your head on your own, some of your main milestones I recorded; at 3 weeks old you rolled from front to back; and at 3 months old you were sitting up; at 5 months old you started to crawl and you walked at 9 months.  You are an amazing little girl.
But sadly I've been working on trying to switch you to regular milk without success since I plan to stop taking the pump to work.  I am freaking out because you still will not take milk, or toddler formula, or flavored milk- just breast milk and regular food.  Something tells me though that you will adjust better than me.  I will take the pump but leave it in my car because I'm not sure I might follow through. I hope you are proud of your mama because we made it to your one year old bday and I will continue to nurse you after work for as long as the supply stays.  I feel so guilty about doing this though so I plan to show you this letter especially if you decide to opt out of nursing my future grand children.
On The Dance Floor At Ezioge's Graduation Party

You may look just like your papa but I see some of my personality in you.  You love to laugh even when you are sad.  The other day you started to throw a full on tantrum and I just cracked up laughing and you stopped and joined in and forgot whatever it was you were throwing a tantrum for.  I'm sorry chica, your mama does not have the heart to spoil kids so whenever I show you some tough love just remember that it comes from all the love mama has for you.
You've Got Your Papa On Speed Dial- You Love To Use Everything As a Phone :)
  You are a very strong willed child - a trait you got from your papa, I pray that it is put towards lots of good use like maybe you can be something great some day.  You are also a very active child and can't stay still that you got from your mama, which is funny because I am the only one that can tolerate you the longest maybe partly because you are my child.
You have changed me so much and I think of you every minute; I hate it when I'm not with you and I get jealous of those who get to spend time with you.  I have had to give up some of my hobbies and not care as much because I love spending time with you.  Like I am writing this instead of going to bed which means I will be very tired tomorrow but it is the only time I have to do anything because you are in bed.  We love watching you grow and your laugh is infectious.  You can turn a bad day for me into the best day ever and I know I do the same for you.  I know all the funny things to do to get you to chuckle.  I look forward to your continuous growth.  Nda, if you ever grow up and feel that you wished we were different just know that I did my very best and you are blessed and loved.  May God bless you with many more years, good health, a fun child hood ... Happy Birthday!!!

Mama & Papa

Friday, June 1, 2012


I got tagged!!! by awesome Scrolls of an Odd Naija Chic's Thoughts I'm new at this and so I had to read the rules carefully. 

So here are the rules: You are tagged! Re-post the rules; You must post 11 things about yourself; Answer the questions your tagger posted of you; come up with 11 questions and tag at least 11 people to answer them; remember to let them know that you tagged them; no tag backs and finally let the tagger know you answered their questions.

11 Things About Me
1) I am priviledged to be the wife to a wonderful man and mother to an awesome little girl.

2) Before my husband I never gave men any time (because at that time of my life I felt that they were an unnecessary distraction) hence I only had time for two crushes.  The first was a young Igbo Lad who is a great friend of the family and the other is my husband who till this day is the only one that can bring out the little-girl-crush-syndrome that I never believe I had.

3) I am very goofy but I do have a serious side hence the reason I am a practicing Family Medicine Doc. today.

4) I love banana and peanut butter and will always find a way to eat it with everything; one of my favorite is making a bread sandwich with peanut butter and banana (yum! yum!) but I am also allergic to both. (I will not advise eating something you are allergic to)

5) I don't like being put on the spot, I usually freeze at first and then I usually proceed to break a leg.

6) I have 4 siblings and we are very close, we even had a Nwanne na Nwanne dance group back in the day.

7) I am a very easy to please girl and once I did attempt to step in the high maintenance world and didn't last for 5 hours (no offence to those who feel they are high maintenance).

8) I am still breastfeeding my 11 month old and prior to my pregnancy I never thought I would last this long.

9)  Many people think I am very structured, that may have some truth to it but those who know me well know that I am very open-minded, non-judgemental and allow some room in my life for disorganization.  I may be structured but I don't think the whole world should be or that everything around me needs to be.

10) Many know me to be very secretive and quiet but my ultimate close friends find me goofy, silly, and quite the chatter box.

11) I love to sing out loud (I even try to hit the high notes) but my voice is not anywhere close to my hubby's beautiful voice.

How am I doing so far?

Questions From Scroll's of an Odd Naija Chic's thoughts

1. If you had to name the one thing that frightens you most about growing old, what would it be?
To one day not be able to keep up with my daughter.
2. 500 years from now, only one book which exists today will still be available. Which book should it be? The Bible- I believe this special book has a lot of answers to the questions that many of us have.
3. Name something you do when you are alone that you wouldn't do in front of others.
Picking My nose and passing gas and I will never do this in front of anyone, till this day I will not even do it intentionally in front of my husband whom I have known for 9 years now
4. What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?
Tell a Lie or describe me as sexy- I feel like the person lying is indirectly calling me dumb or telling me a tale like I'm a child and the sexy thang not that I don't like it but for some reason I do prefer the other words like gorgeous! or beautiful! or breathtaking! ok maybe the last one is a stretch lol
5. If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?
Transfer enough money for baby girl to be ok, have a priest hear my confession, give some money to my mom and some for the poor and take off to Dubai with the hubby- It is a lot but I now always worry about babygirl having enough money so that she is not a burden to anyone in the event something happens to me.
6. If you could have one super power, what would you want and why? To be able to be at 10 places at once - there is always so much to do especially now that my husband can't be physically present to help.
7. If a movie were made about your life, what would the theme song be?
I'm not the average girl from your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel
But, I learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen
I'm not the average girl from your video
My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes
No matter what I'm wearing I will always be Nenyenwa

8. Think of the last time you were REALLY angry. WHY were you angry? Do you still feel the same way?  Because of I was been lied to and yes I still feel that those who lie are chickens, I only fear God
9. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up and why would it be hard to lose?
Now like at this very moment- My gift from God - my baby girl :)
10. What do you do when you are bored?
Lay down and have some quality time by myself but this happens very rarely and when it happens baby girl is sleeping and it is usually for like a minute.
11. What is the best compliment you have ever received
You do a great job balancing your family and work- it completely took me by surprise because I feel like a mess.  My family does come first and I usually make that clear to everyone.

My Questions
1) Share one word that describes you
2) What is the one misconception about you that you would like to correct?
3) You are gorgeous, smart and have accomplished a lot but would you change anything about yourself? what would it be?
4) Do you have one movie that you can watch over and over again?
5) What is your favorite type of movie? drama vs comedy vs action and so on
6) Whenever you look in the mirror what do you see? would you change anything about the reflection in the mirror? what would you change?
7) Name two things you have to do everyday?
8) Do you have a bad habit that is even annoying to you but you have tried to quit and can't?
9) Remember your last fight (physical or verbal) and share what it is about- it is ok if it is personal and you don't want to share.
10) Do you talk to yourself while driving (mostly complaining about pedestrians or other drivers)?
11) When dating the opposite or same sex, what is usually the deal breaker that makes you say I will never see that guy or gal again?  If you are married or in a relationship, think back when you were dating.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Appreciate Your Spouse

Baby Girl Loves her Papa's bald head lol
I learned that this month is spouse appreciation- so I'm dedicating this post to the hubby.  We really don't need a month for this.  Too many a times we forget to say how much we appreciate our spouse.  Though I consider myself pretty good at complimenting my husband, I still feel like once in a while we ought to go all out.  So today is the day he gets a blog dedication lol
I truly lost track of how much my husband does for us until this deployment. We have had many deployments but this is our first deployment under one roof.  He has been gone since January of this year and I have felt like I'm carrying the whole world on my shoulder and any minute from now I might just break.  But every time our daughter smiles at me I regain strength to keep going.
Just to mention a few of the things he does: I really did think I was sleep deprived when he was here but I've had to redefine sleep deprivation because now I do have bags to show for it.  I hardly get any sleep especially when baby is having a bad night- if he were here and she cries, he would say baby let me take this one and if he doesn't succeed he brings her to me in bed because he doesn't want me to get up.
On Saturdays he lets me sleep in and starts the weekend chores or gathering the things we will need to prepare the week's menu.  On some Sundays he gives me a break and bathes baby girl to get her ready for church,  I never have to worry about the car because he changes the oil himself and washes and waxes better than a professional.  Once in a while he gives me a well deserved massage without expecting 'anything' in return.  However he doesn't seem to mind it if it goes in that direction.
When he returns from work he takes baby girl from me, and even more so I love how he takes note of everything concerning his daughter in the case I am ill or overwhelmed.  I actually thought this was normal until I met the men that can't find their way around their kids room, or can't do the laundry, or can't change the diaper or can't cook or runs away once the kid starts to cry I mean the list goes on.  I am not criticizing any of these men, it must work for them in their household.  From the very beginning I kicked everyone out especially at night and hubby and I worked it out and he never complained.  I thought everyone did that... No?
 Now that I am back to work and have little time to spend with her, it was very difficult to adjust to my role and 10 million things I had to do- because of this I have yet to truly enjoy my weekend off.  To be honest,  though I have always known how good hubby is, I must say I am very proud to be his wife.  So hubby if you are reading this, I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband and blessing baby girl with a great father.  And If I don't say it enough, I truly appreciate all that you do for us. Happy Spousal Appreciation Month.  Stay safe and come home soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Bday To Me

Today is my bday I turned twenty- something; lets just say I'm still a few years from 30.  Some of you should already know my age lol. Anyways my bday was a good day and I got so many calls from loved ones and my crazy little brother who stole my bday 2 years later :) This morning, I told baby girl that today was mummy's bday and she gave me a kiss (what a sweetheart) -I doubt she understood what I said and I'm very sure it was one of her random kisses but it worked at that very moment and it was everything that I needed to start my day.
When I arrived to work I met a surprise party with lots of yummy filipino dishes and cake.  I also got to run home for a quick minute to nurse baby and shower her with loads and loads of kisses.  I heard from the sweet hubby multiple times throughout the day via text. And got to return home early to spend some time with baby girl; she always seem to know exactly what to do to multiply my happiness.  After she went to bed I went and dug out a diary I wrote of the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30 and I have to say I am proud of myself because I have hit almost all of them.  
To name a few (some are very childish considering I wrote them when I was in my teens and some are just a tad personal to share) ... I became a Medical Doctor in my tee weeny twenties, married that same year, completed residency, managed to become a mama and made it to my home country 3 times which is way more than I ever thought considering my career choice.  Though I have accomplished many a great things, and did it all with God's strength through prayer, every year I ask myself the same question and each year it is the same answer.  I wonder if I am doing enough to accomplish heaven.  Thanks for reading and Stay Blessed!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Loyalty Blog Award

I am so tardy for this award- like maybe umm almost a month late but I appreciate this loyalty award from Rhapsody she is such a great writer but I enjoy her poetry. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for this thoughtful award.  Gotta get prepared for church- good night bloggers!

Update and Happy Easter

How are you my blog friends? Since the last time baby girl has started walking, she makes 10 months tomorrow; I am now a working mom and I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it all.  It has been hard trying to balance care packages and letters to the deployed hubby, mummy, and cooking and cleaning.  I hardly sleep and hence less time for my hobbies including blogging and omg! I miss running and strolling with baby girl.
Hubby is getting home sick and since I started work it got worst- it has been difficult finding all the time in the world to boost up his moral but as most MDs I have all these loans and I knew that I would one day go back to work but I think hubby didn't realize how quickly it would be.
About work- everyone kept telling me it gets easier every day and I want to know exactly when that will happen, because everyday I wish I could take her to work with me.  She grows so quickly and somedays she just holds on to my leg as I head for the door and says mama mama that's just wrong and it breaks my heart :( She also doesn't cry anymore when she wakes up she just jabbers like she is trying to tell me what she wants.  She is also learning how to sign and it is so nice to see her use them since she is quite an independent girl and gets frustrated when I can't figure out what she wants.
Pumping at work does make it a little easier to be away from her, because I feel like I am still bonding with her  even though I am away from work.  However I have a very busy practice and I plan to start weaning her when she turns 1.  It is however hilarious to see the reaction on people's faces at church or in public when I nurse her (of course with a cover cloth) since BG appears older than her age.  Some will ask me then how old she was and would be surprise by my response but some just think I must be one of those kool weirdos who still nurse till they are 18 years old lol  I think we will both miss breast feeding :( Baby Girl (BG) still gets about 30-32 ounces of breast milk and eats about 3-6 baby bullet servings of home prepared meals.
I still wear BG with my new found love Ergo Baby Carrier, I can nurse her in her carrier, cover her from the sun and so on  ...she gets heavy at times so I will move her to my back on the carrier.  I heart the carrier and still enjoy wearing BG.  When I'm gone her paternal grandma watches her, though it is convenient we were rocky in the beginning because it was very difficult for her to follow my schedule (I made a schedule this time since I realized with my grandma how particular I am) especially her sleep schedule.  It was very difficult for her to learn but she now does most things especially the nap and she now sees how much of a break that also gives her in a day and how less exhausting it is to care for her.
She realizes also that baby girl is smart and knows that grandma does it all when she hollers, she feeds herself with me but not with grandma, she cruises with me but not with grandma ... however now, grandma has picked up that she can do a lot more than she displays around her and she has started putting her foot down.
When I return from work I usually have an hour to learn and play with BG before her bedtime which is 830pm and on weekends I am very stingy with her- like today we went for errands all day and then to the mall and oh she had so much fun interacting and playing with the children.
We also went to Nashville, TN for a one year old birthday party and remember my kool car sit n stroll yep! I had a cruel malfunction and had to bag it and trying to get the company to help you through fixing their chair is very sad so you might want to think about that before purchasing.  (I may do a separate blog post)  Basically they don't have any way to fix or exchange you basically cannot allow it to malfunction.  It took me 2 weeks but I finally fixed the problem by myself.
Anyways, on another note, I had to give up gym and because of that I bought myself an early birthday present  (April 17) - the sole fitness elliptical with some of my first attending paycheck.
Baby Girl also started giving kisses but it is kinda weird when she just kisses random people so we've got to teach her that umm that's just not ok.
We also had a first Easter Photo shoot and here are some pictures.


My sisters 

I love you mama

She was teething but it is exactly how she eats

Ok so shopping for her clothes was not that easy but that's because shopping stresses me out.  First, I'm not sure why certain clothes goes with each holiday and I'm not good with all of these color coding seasons and holidays.  The first dress I bought for her, someone told me it was more 'Christmassy' (don't laugh) so I went out and bought another cute dress but it was too big but I didn't want to return it so I kept it.  Then I went to another store and couldn't decide on a dress so I got 2 (12 months-size) dresses- But there was another problem I couldn't zip it up (they were too small lol) so I went out to get 18 months size and they looked good on her so we used both dresses for the photo shoot.  Oh yeah and my daughter now has 4 teeth on the top and bottom and it is cute to watch her chew.
About the in-law the only thing I have to say about that is that it is so much easier if their child is around when they are living with you- enough said bo (sign).
I hope you all are doing very well.  I will catch up with all of you eventually.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost There!

How are you all doing? I have been using all of my time either interviewing or deliberating on job offers or spending time with baby or writing love letters to hubby.  I had to catch up on all the blogs I follow to see what's been up and it is like everything happened while I was gone.  Hope you are all doing well.
About my job search, I had waited on interviewing for jobs because I wanted to see if my mother-in-law would be allowed to come back to the States.  She had exceeded her allowable time outside the US and so we took a chance.  But God had bigger plans and they accepted her explanations.  I have interviewed in a few places and I almost have a job and will sign a contract very soon.
About grandma; It is nice to have her around and she has been very helpful but there is still yet a lot of adjusting to do and we are almost there. One of our small struggles is baby girl feels that she ought to be carried all the time since grandma is always doing that, so I've had the talk with grandma that we need to work together and I would hate for baby girl to turn up lazy.  I never thought that baby girl could get anymore spoiled but grandparents always has something up their sleeves and baby girl learned quickly how to work her grandma.  Grandma also doesn't understand the whole development thing and will not let her pick up the sippy cup on her own, in fact she wants to help her do everything.  So Grandma is learning a lot from me about some of the things we do differently here.  She will also be accompanying me to her next doctor's appointment so that she can here and see what we check for and how we do things here.
Despite all of that, baby girl is trying very hard to take her first steps (tear drop) and she is almost there; she started standing for seconds at 7 months old and now she is so confident that she is starting to move her feet but so far she only succeeds at one step...I ask her everyday that if she's going to do it, she can only do it when mummy is home.  Being a working mom is rough.
Rocking one of her Nigerian fashions :)
Baby is also teething like crazy and it is coming from everywhere at once (poor child) so she and I have had a couple of rough nights.  She has also lost interest in puree foods and wants to eat everything that we eat (imitating the chewing process).  She finds her food boring but maintains excitement for breastfeeding; she still loves her breast milk and I plan to go for as long as she will let me.  Unlike my friends who stopped nursing and their children may take more to grandma when they go back to work, mine meets me at the door with smiles and then she cries because she is overwhelmed that she had to wait so long for her mama.  That feeling is great and I am not ready to give that up because I must confess that I am secretly jealous of MIL while I'm at work.
Papa is doing very well on the ship though he misses his girls very much but we are looking on the bright side - almost 3 months down and 3 months to go.  Baby and I sent him a recent care package with some home made jerk meats, chin-chin, chocolate chip cookies, candy bar and pictures of us.  He was so happy- that should keep him going for another 1 month. This deployment has been the most challenging for him since he feels like he is missing a lot with baby girl.  It has however been the least challenging for me because Baby keeps me busy.  He feels like each day is a new milestone with her; for him she is really developing fast so I can't complain to him about that.
Baby is almost 9 months old and that means her one year birthday is stirring me right in the face- what to do? what to do? It really went by fast and I plan to stretch the next few months as long as I possibly can. Oh wait ... I don't have the power to do that.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Planning Baby's Trip To Nigeria

Planning my trip to Nigeria was not the easiest thing ever especially since I was going to be traveling alone with an infant.  I bought my ticket first without thinking it through and then got so stressed out I thought my head was going to fall out of my neck.

I had to get her a US passport OMG!!! (In this process I learned the importance of having 2 birth certificates). Then we had to  drive 5 hours to Atlanta (Nigeria Consulate) to obtain her Nigerian passport (that alone is another blog title).  Both of these had to be done with papa present so we waited for papa to return from his short detachment with barely 3 weeks left and mummy in panic mode we got both passports just in time for the trip :) It also meant to me that God had blessed us to go on the trip.  Except no one else could see that so I had our priest bless us and we were ready for the trip.

First, medically she was as squared away as she could be, she was caught up with all of her immunizations but neither I nor her could have malaria prophylaxis.  She was too young and I am still lactating.  In order to reduce all water contamination I decided to only nurse her (Baby had started eating solids).  I also packed lots of hand sanitizers and everything I needed for Baby- clothes, diapers, wipes, wash cloths, first aid kit, holy water, blessed oil, you name it I packed it, my stethoscope, tylenol, teething gel ... I didn't even have enough room to pack my own things.  I packed all long sleeves for her to prevent mosquito bites.  I ended up not doing the long sleeve it was so hot my kid started developing heat rash; I got lucky she wasn't biting by any mosqitoes since we were on the topmost floor especially since we were indoors by night time.

Anyways after I was done packing, I ended up with 2 bags weighing 50 pounds each and one 20-pound-bag, a bag pack as a carry on and a hand bag.  By the way, I was not charged for extra luggage since it was an international flight.  Anyways, then I realized how crazy it was that I didn't pay for a sit for baby (what was I thinking? 12 hours of active baby on my lap? how was I going to eat, sleep, what if I wanted to use the bathroom?).  So I did the normal thing; i.e. to switch to panic mode and called the airline and they told me that the plane is not full and I just need to bring a FAA approved car seat.  I asked them if they had a list of car seats- of course not! so I went on google search and found nothing.  I came across this site hough and then came across this Car seat n stroller combo
(I am not paid to advertise this) but anyways I bought it from amazon and it came just in time. A bit pricey but well worth it especially since it came from baby's electronic piggy bank (she will thank me later).

So here's what I did- I used it as a car seat to get to the airport; packed in a close by packing lot and carried baby girl in a baby carrier and dragged the first two bags (by the wheel of course) and checked in.  Then I begged the lady explaining my situation and telling her I had one more bag.  She felt sorry for me and told me she would wait since I was very early to check in.  So I got the last bag and so was down to carry-ons. I then strapped Mmeso back to the car seat and drove to the further-away-daily packing lot, turned the car seat into a stroller with baby in it, carried my bag pack and my hand bag and got on the shuttle that goes from the lot to the airport.  At this point I was really feeling like super mom- I was so excited that everything worked out.  I got to the airport and got through the security check point with my child in one piece.

Two of my siblings met with me in my connection flight and it was so nice especially when I had to run to the bathroom.  Delta was so good to me, they sectioned a window corner for me and baby girl.  However, when I was coming back the people in Nigeria refused to give me a sit for baby saying that I should carry her and use a bassinet.  I gave up arguing but as soon as I got on the flight baby started jumping all over the place and one of the flight attendants asked me what I was doing in the bassinet section when I explained what happened she told me that baby girl was too big for the bassinet and she will get me a sit since the flight was not full.  She ran out to grab the car seat and we had a safe return home.

It was a very stressful experience especially with little things like to bath baby girl without the water going into her mouth.  She hated bath time throughout our trip while it is something she looked forward to here in the states; she also wanted to eat everything and so I gave in the last 2 days and she came down with some diarrhea  but we were coming home and it didn't seem to bother her so I did my job by keeping her hydrated with lots and lots of breast milk.

It was well worth all the stress but we wished we didn't listen to people because I almost didn't go and my husband changed his mind at first about emotionally supporting the trip. But I switched from wife and mummy mode to doctor mode and gave him all the true facts and he was back on.  Those negative people got to hubby and they still have things to say telling me "I'm so lucky that nothing happened to her and if they had known they would have told me not to go, it is unsafe for the baby..."  It didn't matter that I was a doctor they really felt like they were given me the facts.  They were telling me all kinds of diseases she could have had some they couldn't even pronounce correctly lol

Why did I insist on taking her? I wanted her to meet her daddy's side, I wanted her to go home, I wanted to attend my sister's wedding and I couldn't leave my kid behind plus she was still nursing; I also wondered about those people who are overseas on mission with their children, or those who are born here and go back home. Or what about baby girls parents (us) who were born and raised in Nigeria or even the same people who were talking- some of them just left Nigeria.  I did think about her safety and sat with her doctor to make sure I was not missing anything (the only thing he reiterated was wear long sleeves as planned, limit exposure to her, and avoid water contamination if possible boil the bottled water).  But just like my husband and I think about our safety before going home, we thought about her safety except with her we had to be extra cautious but extra cautious does not mean you have to wait till they are teenagers.  It was definitely worth it all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

So Much Has Happened

Hubby left for deployment :(
This Picture Was Taken The Day He Left
He left in January and we've missed him so much.  He will be gone for 6 months and so since we knocked out our anniversary in December, I put something together us to celebrate all of our birthdays.

Our Attempt to get papa a cake picture- her face made me give up
Then my sister Chioma and I threw my sister a surprise bridal shower- which by the way was a lot of work to surprise her.  She loved it.

The Lady Makes Such yummy cakes

this was the winning toilet paper dress :)

very competitive and fun group- caught cheating lol
The shower was fun and my sisters spent the night, helped with the cleaning and disappeared while baby girl and I were at church.  Then I planned for Baby and I to go to Nigeria.  I debated it for so long and then hubby and I discussed it and purchased the ticket.  But after all the expenses and learning more I almost changed my mind.  It was very stressful and I packed for mostly her.  I am still lactating and hence couldn't take malaria prophylaxis and she couldn't either and so I packed long sleeves to avoid mosquitoes.  But when we got there it was so hot and sticky that I couldn't torture her.  Luckily my MIL lives on the top floor so they were easier to avoid.
Mmeso did so well on the plane ride, people hardly knew she was there, she was so happy like she knew she was going home to meet her family.
I didn't take her with me for my sister's traditional wedding.  There were too many people there and they would all want to hold her.
the sisters

the parents

Mr. & Mrs.
Mmeso met everyone in her papa's side and was so happy during the whole trip.

Mmeso dancing- she's good too lol

Grandpa blessing her and given her a proper welcome to the villa

The Cute Couple

Me & My in-laws

The Siblings

Siblings from both sides
We really had a short 10 day trip and then came home with M.I.L and I am now looking for full time employment and while I'm gone she helps watch Mmeso

Mmeso in the flight on her way back
We really thanked God almighty for journey mercies and such a joyous month for all of us.  Congrats to all the new bloggers who had a baby and who got married.  Hope your month has been awesome.