Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Years!!!

I wish all of you a prosperous new year from my family to yours!
I met my wonderful hubby 8 years ago and he won me over with his charming ways; on December 29, we marked four years of our marriage. After everything we have been through together I can boldly say I am more in love with him than I was back then (though it feels like yesterday).  And If I were to do it again I would choose him (em with a teeny weeny dusting here and there lol). 
The truth about marriage is that it is sweet when a couple goes into it with a certain level of maturity, trust, respect, honesty and love.  And the goal is to try to keep the same energy level that you had in the beginning of your courtship throughout the marriage (this is easier said than done). For my husband and I, we choose to love each other everyday despite our imperfections.  Communication has been key for me, but since hubby thinks it was perfect, he had to get used to it and now loves it. I consider myself smart but If I were to compare marriage to a class it is the hardest one yet that I have ever taking and I still don't have an A level grade in it but there is hope because I strive each and every day for that A level grade. 
Our anniversary was a good day and we thanked God that we have each other including our little munchkin.  Though we enjoyed dinner there was one time we wished someone would take her from us for just 2 minutes 20 minutes.  During our dinner, Hubby and I started to reflect on previous dates and thanked God for this new and exciting journey but decided that on special occasions we would give each other a break and find baby girl a sitter.
In my family, we celebrate both our traditional and wedding anniversary especially since they are three months apart and fell on different years however the traditional is usually the low scale one of the two.  Well since hubby will be deploying hence we will not be together for birthdays or our wedding anniversary, we had to catch up on the year's celebrations and so we decided to go all out and up it a little (gifts and dinner was all we had time for :)).  I didn't bother to look for a sitter for the baby (since she is usually a good baby) and so at the end of the evening we had no choice but to take our baby girl with us to dinner.
Hubby and I (way before baby girl)
It started out with a 30 minute wait at the restaurant and baby girl did not understand why we were standing amongst a crowd of people with people looking at her and making funny faces to get her to smile. 
camera light startled her a little
Baby girl has been crawling and using every table in the house to walk so being carried in public for a longtime is not acceptable to her.  When it got time to sit us, we were all so relieved including baby girl.  As we got to our sit, immediately baby girl started to reach for the plates and immediately wanted to get down to start crawling; next she started to fight to stand on the table and every time one of us said no to her, she wanted to switch parents ... she finally calmed down a little and as we were starting to finish up our appetizer I checked her diaper and she had pooped.  Hubby was starting to finally enjoy some quiet time and as I tried to get up he said but do we have to change her right now since she is finally quiet.  I couldn't do it and so got up to take her to the restroom.  here are no changing tables in the men's room?
And upon my return, I was so excited to see my food and as I sat down, baby girl started fussing again but this time she was hungry, and so I nursed her while hubby enjoyed his chicken Marsala and as sweet as he is, he fed me with every other feeding while I was nursing her.
She started to fuss again and I realized that was now her bedtime and hubby looked at me and said wow! so much for dinner!  Hubby had almost finished his plate and I gave up trying to eat and I decided it was time to request a togo box and our bill. We headed home and baby fell asleep before we got to our car.  Hubby and I sat in the car and I thought it wasn't so bad since I felt full from the appetizer.  Learning point- always get a sitter on dates with just you and your spouse; always order an appetizer in case you couldn't find a sitter and you decide to take a child with you, since they may not tolerate the whole dinner.  If you end up having a dinner like mine, find humor in it because they truly are a blessing.
Mi Familia