Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update and Happy Easter

How are you my blog friends? Since the last time baby girl has started walking, she makes 10 months tomorrow; I am now a working mom and I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it all.  It has been hard trying to balance care packages and letters to the deployed hubby, mummy, and cooking and cleaning.  I hardly sleep and hence less time for my hobbies including blogging and omg! I miss running and strolling with baby girl.
Hubby is getting home sick and since I started work it got worst- it has been difficult finding all the time in the world to boost up his moral but as most MDs I have all these loans and I knew that I would one day go back to work but I think hubby didn't realize how quickly it would be.
About work- everyone kept telling me it gets easier every day and I want to know exactly when that will happen, because everyday I wish I could take her to work with me.  She grows so quickly and somedays she just holds on to my leg as I head for the door and says mama mama that's just wrong and it breaks my heart :( She also doesn't cry anymore when she wakes up she just jabbers like she is trying to tell me what she wants.  She is also learning how to sign and it is so nice to see her use them since she is quite an independent girl and gets frustrated when I can't figure out what she wants.
Pumping at work does make it a little easier to be away from her, because I feel like I am still bonding with her  even though I am away from work.  However I have a very busy practice and I plan to start weaning her when she turns 1.  It is however hilarious to see the reaction on people's faces at church or in public when I nurse her (of course with a cover cloth) since BG appears older than her age.  Some will ask me then how old she was and would be surprise by my response but some just think I must be one of those kool weirdos who still nurse till they are 18 years old lol  I think we will both miss breast feeding :( Baby Girl (BG) still gets about 30-32 ounces of breast milk and eats about 3-6 baby bullet servings of home prepared meals.
I still wear BG with my new found love Ergo Baby Carrier, I can nurse her in her carrier, cover her from the sun and so on  ...she gets heavy at times so I will move her to my back on the carrier.  I heart the carrier and still enjoy wearing BG.  When I'm gone her paternal grandma watches her, though it is convenient we were rocky in the beginning because it was very difficult for her to follow my schedule (I made a schedule this time since I realized with my grandma how particular I am) especially her sleep schedule.  It was very difficult for her to learn but she now does most things especially the nap and she now sees how much of a break that also gives her in a day and how less exhausting it is to care for her.
She realizes also that baby girl is smart and knows that grandma does it all when she hollers, she feeds herself with me but not with grandma, she cruises with me but not with grandma ... however now, grandma has picked up that she can do a lot more than she displays around her and she has started putting her foot down.
When I return from work I usually have an hour to learn and play with BG before her bedtime which is 830pm and on weekends I am very stingy with her- like today we went for errands all day and then to the mall and oh she had so much fun interacting and playing with the children.
We also went to Nashville, TN for a one year old birthday party and remember my kool car sit n stroll yep! I had a cruel malfunction and had to bag it and trying to get the company to help you through fixing their chair is very sad so you might want to think about that before purchasing.  (I may do a separate blog post)  Basically they don't have any way to fix or exchange you basically cannot allow it to malfunction.  It took me 2 weeks but I finally fixed the problem by myself.
Anyways, on another note, I had to give up gym and because of that I bought myself an early birthday present  (April 17) - the sole fitness elliptical with some of my first attending paycheck.
Baby Girl also started giving kisses but it is kinda weird when she just kisses random people so we've got to teach her that umm that's just not ok.
We also had a first Easter Photo shoot and here are some pictures.


My sisters 

I love you mama

She was teething but it is exactly how she eats

Ok so shopping for her clothes was not that easy but that's because shopping stresses me out.  First, I'm not sure why certain clothes goes with each holiday and I'm not good with all of these color coding seasons and holidays.  The first dress I bought for her, someone told me it was more 'Christmassy' (don't laugh) so I went out and bought another cute dress but it was too big but I didn't want to return it so I kept it.  Then I went to another store and couldn't decide on a dress so I got 2 (12 months-size) dresses- But there was another problem I couldn't zip it up (they were too small lol) so I went out to get 18 months size and they looked good on her so we used both dresses for the photo shoot.  Oh yeah and my daughter now has 4 teeth on the top and bottom and it is cute to watch her chew.
About the in-law the only thing I have to say about that is that it is so much easier if their child is around when they are living with you- enough said bo (sign).
I hope you all are doing very well.  I will catch up with all of you eventually.


HoneyDame said...

Jeeezzz that's a lot in one post!Your energy is admirable. And oh boy, your baby is sooo sooo beautiful..I am not even exaggerating now. Seeing her pictures made me feel some tugs on my heart..She is soo cute!
Oh in-laws, though I have no experience with that but I get what you mean.
Well done super mama!!!

LadyNgo said...

Lil adorable, especially in that last pic. Also i didn't know u and Olisa shared the same birthday...actually now that i think about it, i do think i knew that lol (or that he shared it with one of you guys).

Gbemisoke said...

She is sooo cute!
I totally get you on that In-Law thing... God's wisdom. May we have more of it :o)