Sunday, May 6, 2012

Appreciate Your Spouse

Baby Girl Loves her Papa's bald head lol
I learned that this month is spouse appreciation- so I'm dedicating this post to the hubby.  We really don't need a month for this.  Too many a times we forget to say how much we appreciate our spouse.  Though I consider myself pretty good at complimenting my husband, I still feel like once in a while we ought to go all out.  So today is the day he gets a blog dedication lol
I truly lost track of how much my husband does for us until this deployment. We have had many deployments but this is our first deployment under one roof.  He has been gone since January of this year and I have felt like I'm carrying the whole world on my shoulder and any minute from now I might just break.  But every time our daughter smiles at me I regain strength to keep going.
Just to mention a few of the things he does: I really did think I was sleep deprived when he was here but I've had to redefine sleep deprivation because now I do have bags to show for it.  I hardly get any sleep especially when baby is having a bad night- if he were here and she cries, he would say baby let me take this one and if he doesn't succeed he brings her to me in bed because he doesn't want me to get up.
On Saturdays he lets me sleep in and starts the weekend chores or gathering the things we will need to prepare the week's menu.  On some Sundays he gives me a break and bathes baby girl to get her ready for church,  I never have to worry about the car because he changes the oil himself and washes and waxes better than a professional.  Once in a while he gives me a well deserved massage without expecting 'anything' in return.  However he doesn't seem to mind it if it goes in that direction.
When he returns from work he takes baby girl from me, and even more so I love how he takes note of everything concerning his daughter in the case I am ill or overwhelmed.  I actually thought this was normal until I met the men that can't find their way around their kids room, or can't do the laundry, or can't change the diaper or can't cook or runs away once the kid starts to cry I mean the list goes on.  I am not criticizing any of these men, it must work for them in their household.  From the very beginning I kicked everyone out especially at night and hubby and I worked it out and he never complained.  I thought everyone did that... No?
 Now that I am back to work and have little time to spend with her, it was very difficult to adjust to my role and 10 million things I had to do- because of this I have yet to truly enjoy my weekend off.  To be honest,  though I have always known how good hubby is, I must say I am very proud to be his wife.  So hubby if you are reading this, I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband and blessing baby girl with a great father.  And If I don't say it enough, I truly appreciate all that you do for us. Happy Spousal Appreciation Month.  Stay safe and come home soon.