Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Letter To Our Daughter

Dear Angel,

I am writing you this letter because in just a few hours you will turn one.  It means more for me than you know.  For you the day is no different but for me this day was the day our whole lives changed for the best.  This time last year, Mama and Papa held hands together and wondered what you will be; we wondered what personalities you will portray as you grew; we had a lot of questions. And we prayed every opportunity we got.
Few Hours Post Delivery
Mama and Papa Mmeso worked so hard for you, we had a lot of obstacles planning you since we lived in separate states and lost half of each year to the military.  But the time that past I feel like it gave us an advantage because it got our mindset ready for parenthood, we got to enjoy timeless vacays and got to build a stronger bond.  Me and Papa have always been best of friends and we still are, you made us even closer.
You Love The Swing
Despite all of our preparations, you were still a very big surprise, because you were a humongous baby at 9 pounds 4.9 ounces and 21 inches long, but not only that, someone told papa that you would be a boy. I still think it is funny because you came out all girl and as perfect as we could ever have imagine.  Everyone wanted to carry you and play with you.  Right after your birth I was a little out of it and papa had to feed you a bottle :( boooooooo! it got mom a little worried at first but then you caught on to breastfeeding like a champ and we both loved it and we still do.
You Are Always Dancing :)

The next few months flew by very fast for us.  I felt like you were in such a hurry to meet your milestones which sometimes made mama and papa sad :(...we used to joke that you grew about 2 extra  months in utero.  Because the day after you were born you lifted your head on your own, some of your main milestones I recorded; at 3 weeks old you rolled from front to back; and at 3 months old you were sitting up; at 5 months old you started to crawl and you walked at 9 months.  You are an amazing little girl.
But sadly I've been working on trying to switch you to regular milk without success since I plan to stop taking the pump to work.  I am freaking out because you still will not take milk, or toddler formula, or flavored milk- just breast milk and regular food.  Something tells me though that you will adjust better than me.  I will take the pump but leave it in my car because I'm not sure I might follow through. I hope you are proud of your mama because we made it to your one year old bday and I will continue to nurse you after work for as long as the supply stays.  I feel so guilty about doing this though so I plan to show you this letter especially if you decide to opt out of nursing my future grand children.
On The Dance Floor At Ezioge's Graduation Party

You may look just like your papa but I see some of my personality in you.  You love to laugh even when you are sad.  The other day you started to throw a full on tantrum and I just cracked up laughing and you stopped and joined in and forgot whatever it was you were throwing a tantrum for.  I'm sorry chica, your mama does not have the heart to spoil kids so whenever I show you some tough love just remember that it comes from all the love mama has for you.
You've Got Your Papa On Speed Dial- You Love To Use Everything As a Phone :)
  You are a very strong willed child - a trait you got from your papa, I pray that it is put towards lots of good use like maybe you can be something great some day.  You are also a very active child and can't stay still that you got from your mama, which is funny because I am the only one that can tolerate you the longest maybe partly because you are my child.
You have changed me so much and I think of you every minute; I hate it when I'm not with you and I get jealous of those who get to spend time with you.  I have had to give up some of my hobbies and not care as much because I love spending time with you.  Like I am writing this instead of going to bed which means I will be very tired tomorrow but it is the only time I have to do anything because you are in bed.  We love watching you grow and your laugh is infectious.  You can turn a bad day for me into the best day ever and I know I do the same for you.  I know all the funny things to do to get you to chuckle.  I look forward to your continuous growth.  Nda, if you ever grow up and feel that you wished we were different just know that I did my very best and you are blessed and loved.  May God bless you with many more years, good health, a fun child hood ... Happy Birthday!!!

Mama & Papa


Chichi said...

Beautiful post! How quickly they grow!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

LadyNgo said...

Awwww, Happy Birthday lil Mmeso! :)

Anonymous said...

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what a lovely post and what a charming website!
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Nenyenwa said...

thanks everyone :)

Dee Dee said... sweet!! and ur baby is so she clearly loves to dance!

Kemi said...

very very sweet post!

josemaria said...

Hi Nenye, your words in this blog made me think and wish aloud "how good it would be to have a child too." i know i will, someday soon but what i do not know is how he/she would look like or if i would be able to care for her/him the way you do yours. I love this blog so much, I felt tears stain my cheeks as i read it. Please keep this up! You are a true African woman.

Tola Famakinwa-Omoniyi said...