Friday, December 14, 2012

OMG! Is It Christmas Already?

Hubby and I have been so busy and so it feels like Christmas snuck up on us this year.  So prior to thanksgiving I imagined everything I would do to get baby girl in the Xmas spirit but it has been one thing after the other and I've only been able to get some of them accomplished.
We did manage to put up a Xmas tree with some ornaments but it was never done at the same time; Papa put up the tree and half was done with everyone around and the rest was done when we were all in bed.  I put up the ornaments and this year I didn't use our good ornaments, I went with the non-breakable ones from the dollar tree. (Pictures to come later.)  There are some presents under the tree and I finally figured out a big Gift for the baby girl. (I will do a post hopefully.)
Our Christmas card is on the way, I just got an email that it has shipped and I was going to skip our christmas letter this year but have got 2 people ask after it geesh! just when I thought no one actually reads them. So tonight I need to work on one.
 I stood in line at the mall waiting to get Santa pictures with baby girl but she didn't get the hype about the big guy and was not having any part of him, hence the reason I had to sit with her in the picture.  She wanted to run around everywhere and I was unwilling to chase her around the mall.  We got an ok picture and I had to sit next to her (will post soon).
I've got to get ready for a work Christmas party tonight, we've already attended papa's and we usually make our presence known and bid our farewell. lol
I will work on Christmas Eve and when I return I will wrap some last minute gifts (likely half asleep) for the family.  Amidst all of this  I didn't get a chance to think of what I wanted and so when Jude asked me what I wanted I thought he meant right then and my response was just 2 hours of sleep.  He is just going to have to surprise me. Hubby is finally getting a gift he's wanted for years but then I was too broke to buy it, he had already noticed the box and is very excited about it. It was too big to hide.
I bought baby girl lots of religous christmas books and she is learning how to pray; before she eats she mummbles and then make her really interesting 'sign of the cross' and it is so cute ...  before she goes to bed she screams words that don't make any sense but the tune is to the song "praise ye the Lord- Alleluyah- praise ye the lord" I help her with it and when she is done with her prayers, I or papa help her with words we understand lol and she tells us night night!  We can't wait till she can understand the story behind the Birth of Jesus Christ! It is my favorite story and I think amidst Baby Girl's stare at my lips as I read it to her she appreciates it as well.
I plan to somehow squeeze in the cinnamon rolls and apple cider this year again;  I'm not sure when or how but Hubby liked the tradition last year and he's working on baby girl to be in on it to. Because he knows if she isn't, the tradition may justgo bye bye for next year especially if work stays this busy. Here are some pictures for the card, papa did not show up because he was stressed but after that our schedules never allowed us to be off around the same time. Baby girl was not in her best behavior on picture day since she wanted to play with the other kids but overall the picture turned out fair and I'm just glad we got one.

So this year the Christmas card will be featuring just baby girl and it is perfect timing because we have been trying to focus more time on her since our family is growing :) Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you get to all spend time enjoying your families.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow! Indeed it has been a while

It has been awhile and for many reasons- (pause) too long to narrate.  I have been through a lot and have learned some very important life lessons. Let us just say it was a difficult road that took me to places I never wish to go again..... oooo there were some trial times, some trial times ... I saw everyone's true colors and it left me in shock for some time.
I may write about it later but for now all I can say is I pray that my in-laws learn to respect themselves.  I also pray that God opens my husband's eyes so that one day he can also join me and set one boundary.  Anyways Hubby came home in July and we've both been quite busy; between fully now caring for my Mother-In-Law who is in her 60s (Doctor's never found anything physically causing her debility but I am some how the cause of this with my special voodoo powers I didn't know I had) and both bouncing full time careers, and our very active daughter ... all of these have allowed me no time for myself let alone family time.
I am always tired from work all day at work and then I go back home to work.  I appreciate everyone who asked after me- thank you.  Baby is all grown up and continues to bring us much joy.  She knows so many words for her age, and knows how to communicate very well via sign language, she also comprehends the igbo language very well and is still doing well at daycare. She is too independent and I am not ready for that.  She puts on her own shows just usually has it in the wrong foot but refuses for me to change it, she wants to feed herself, put on her own lotion, bath herself, and wants to use her potty when I'm using the potty ... I am proud to be her mama but I wished she gave me some time in many things. I will stop here- below are some fairly recent pics of her. I hope all of you are doing wonderful!
Baby girl glad to say "all done" for her hair

this shirt does not fit her any longer- this was September

My shark- mouth full of teeth

doesn't let me do anything for her