Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow! Indeed it has been a while

It has been awhile and for many reasons- (pause) too long to narrate.  I have been through a lot and have learned some very important life lessons. Let us just say it was a difficult road that took me to places I never wish to go again..... oooo there were some trial times, some trial times ... I saw everyone's true colors and it left me in shock for some time.
I may write about it later but for now all I can say is I pray that my in-laws learn to respect themselves.  I also pray that God opens my husband's eyes so that one day he can also join me and set one boundary.  Anyways Hubby came home in July and we've both been quite busy; between fully now caring for my Mother-In-Law who is in her 60s (Doctor's never found anything physically causing her debility but I am some how the cause of this with my special voodoo powers I didn't know I had) and both bouncing full time careers, and our very active daughter ... all of these have allowed me no time for myself let alone family time.
I am always tired from work all day at work and then I go back home to work.  I appreciate everyone who asked after me- thank you.  Baby is all grown up and continues to bring us much joy.  She knows so many words for her age, and knows how to communicate very well via sign language, she also comprehends the igbo language very well and is still doing well at daycare. She is too independent and I am not ready for that.  She puts on her own shows just usually has it in the wrong foot but refuses for me to change it, she wants to feed herself, put on her own lotion, bath herself, and wants to use her potty when I'm using the potty ... I am proud to be her mama but I wished she gave me some time in many things. I will stop here- below are some fairly recent pics of her. I hope all of you are doing wonderful!
Baby girl glad to say "all done" for her hair

this shirt does not fit her any longer- this was September

My shark- mouth full of teeth

doesn't let me do anything for her


Natural Nigerian said...

Lol! That is just like my daughter...and it doesn't get any better. The more she does, the more she wants to do. My consolation is that she will hopefully grow into an adult that can stand on her own two feet. A necessary tool in today's world.

All the best with your M-I-L, job and life in general.

ayabaodusote said...

Welcome back. All will be well and be patient with the in laws. All the best.

Myne Whitman said...

Did I read you correctly about your MIL and special voodoo powers? In this day and age? I pray everything works out for her health and your family.

Your daughter is beautiful, BTW, I love her smile. Have a blessed and restful December :)

Highly Favored said...

Great to see your updates. Your daughter is growing so nicely.

Okeoghene said...

I was just thinking about you today and I said a word of prayer that you are doing good and especially your baby girl. I can see she is growing well and so independent too. She is so pretty, I love the braids in the second picture, did she really sit down that long?

I thank God for the strength He has given you and will continue to give you in the face of the challenges you are facing. There is nothing too difficult for Him. It is well with you and your family

Amy said...

Welcome back. I've missed you. I'm sorry that MIL is giving you so much wahala. I pray that you and hubby continue to support each other and not let her put a damper on your marriage.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my sistah...
one day at time, the important thing is to create balance within the unpredictability of life. Be mindful too much stress can put a strain on your marriage. Please make some ME TIME for yourself where you can rejuvenate your spirit, mind and body. This has to be a priority or you'd sink like the titanic.

You health is your responsibility and you have to make time to take care no matter the madness surrounding.

keep your head up, your spirit light and your countenance buoyant.

Toinlicious said...

Aww, she's adorable! I checked a few times to see how you're doing. *hugs*

Adaeze Ibechukwu said...

Dear Nenye, Mother-in-laws aren't the easiest people in the world, just stay steadfast and be more patient with her, someday you guys will get used to each other and things will work out great. And for the voodoo powers you seem to have gotten overnight, that should be prayers+Bible+Rosary mixed together.
I love Mmeso and the way she expressed herself, i hope to see her again soon. She looks so lovely with her braids.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, just stopped in to wish you a fabulous week.

keep your head up, your spirits light and your soul constantly rejuvenated.


Nenyenwa said...

thanks everyone for all of your well wishes and your nice words of courage...@ Mrs. Whitman, yes ooo I have special voodoo powers lol one day I will laugh aloud of all of this.
@Okeoghene I've learned to work fast, stop and sing, dance, do whatever baby girl wants, braid with imperfections and so on lol just so that I can get a break for 2-3 weeks. She doesn't like every part of it but she loves it when it is done and is glad to get weekends off that are non-hair days. She will not let anyone else though but her mama because her aunties have tried and failed and wonder how I manage with my 5 seconds attention span child lol