Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It has truly been a year of thanksgiving.... we are grateful to God for all the wonderful things in our lives. My husband and I both had night duty, but we both came home and all four of us together, hubby and I came to the realization that we were staring at a few of our many blessings. So many car accidents that day on our commute to work and somehow we were all at home- we thanked God.

That our son is present to celebrate with us, despite a traumatic birth is a miracle in itself.

We had so much food to eat today and plenty left over and yet there are many who had very little to nothing to eat somewhere in the world :(

We were together but yet there are those in search for their family. We found a caregiver for our children and we thank God for that much to be thankful for I tell you.

The children are growing and becoming very independent; baby boy just cruises all over the place and comes to us for naptime and food. Baby girl oh geez she wakes up says good morning goes to the pantry grabs what she needs and climbs into her high chair. If one of her choices requires the stove (like today custard she hands it to any adult) and goes back and waits for her food.  When she doesnt finish her milk she refrigerates it herself and goes about her business. She does her whole potty routine herself ...with a lot of loud " mama I gat it!"  I suppose she wants me to make myself useful some place else. I can't believe sometimes that she understands when to use her words and sentences. I miss my baby. :(

Anyways they had a great time today with friends and they are off to bed and I should be off to bed too because I have work tomorrow.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving day. And dont forget to vote for me at

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nigerian Blog Awards

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Silence in Our House

At our house these days there is rarely ever a dull moment especially with young miss chatterbox-curios-energetic chic we have fir a daughter.
Right now it is silent and my husband and I do cherish our 59 minutes of fame. Lol we dance, catch up on tv shows, news, ahhh blog, work .... before Chidi wakes up for a feeding before the morning.
Yes the funny thing is my husband and I look forward to this usually at about 8 pm when both kids are exhausted and as a result become a danger to themselves and or others. But when d t T Usuallyme comes we are always thrown off guard for the first 10 minutes. We start to wonder what di we do now? Lol
Baby girl loves her brother; it wasnt love at first sight, their love began the very day she looked at him and he smiled at her...and her face lit up and she exclaimed with so much enthusiasm "mama his laughing." It was then it occurred to me that up until this point this new being must have been annoying to her.  I mean he didnt do much but cry, suck mamas boobies,poop ... she must have wondered what was so special that made him take her mamas time away.
In the picture, the kids were dressed for a long 6 hour drive to ATL to meet papas friend from high school. We had an awesome time. We have started decorations for Xmas and we've bought xmas pjs yay!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Have a great weekend

Our weekdays and weekends are always busy. In fact it will probably not make much of a difference if we had one extra day.
Baby boy is getting sooooo big it is ridiculous. He loves his sister; in the morning when he wakes up he is fussy and brightens up immediayely at the sound of his loud big sister'
And baby girl has started to blow grammar for us. The other day she was talking too much and so loud at church that I lightly pinched her to stop and she yelled out loud "why are you pinching me?" As I tried to ignore her and I was avoiding the stares, she kept repeating her question increasing the pitch in her voice, demanding an explanation. I made the quick decision to explain to her that it is because she was loud and i said to her besides it didn't hurt. So she pinched me and asked me "are u hurt mama?"
This child is definitely 2 going on 25 and knows when and how to push your buttons.
We started her in gymnastics and she loves to cook with mama, basically on pancake day. Hope u re all well.: )

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This weekend was our yearly girlfriend trip and it was a blast in its on way. It is a trip with my close friends from medical school. AB (pediatrician), KW (gen surgeon), TW(obgyn) and me (fam medicine). You may go back to this post -  For the first few years our meeting spot had always been in New York. It was fast paced, so much to see and do and it fit our lifestyle at the time. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter we met in Kansas (where I did my residency); then the following year it was in Orlando, fl because I was still nursing my daughter. Now this year it was again in Florida (since i am still nursing my son). We laughed as to how much the trip had changed. First of all, we have two children (mine of course) and because we had to worry about them we had to secure a nanny, and limit the places we would go but somehow we managed to have a good time. They got to see how I live and how i balance my many roles, at the end of the trip they wondered who took care of me. Who knows?
I enjoyed the time with them and I appreciate their willingness to make it work. Though i had to break away a few times to nurse my son it did not ruin the trip.
We take a face picture every year in the same position and we plan to do it every year for another 50 + years. I love these women, we uplift and enrich each other and those few days we spend each year are great though they have never been enough.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm counting my blessings

I'm sitting in my car pumping breastmilk for my little munchkin who is still exclusively breastfed. Today is my weekend to cover for my group and papa is home by himself with both our children for over 2 hours. I have some anxiety but all is well thus far. In fact I checked in and none of our children's arms are missing. In fact the good thing about it is my husband gets a taste of what many take for granted- the mom. He sent me this awesome text message...

"Ndaa, don't know how you are able to coordinate all these with the kids.  Some times, it is stressful but I enjoy every minute with them. You are very good with them. You are a great mom any kid should hope for.  We love you and keep up the good work."

I wish I can leave it all and run home to celebrate mothers day- yes mothers day. But I've got to work till Monday.I'm with them as I take my breaks in between to pump, call home and hear him say " Ndaa when re u coming home"; baby girl screaming in excitement mama! When she hears my voice and my 4 month old cooing in the background. I'm counting my blessings...they make my hectic days feel like a piece of cake .

Friday, July 26, 2013


I saw Baby girl light up when she saw beads on a girls hair, so I went out and bought some beads and did this. Boy! Was she patient through it all and now that it is done, she is having a great time flipping it back and forth. The noise may get annoying after a while but it is nice to see her enjoy her hair. That is a picture of little man clocking 3 months old boo! How time flies. His sister is enjoying him more and more. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working Mama

Hope you have all been well. So I am back to work and truthfully it was hard to come back, but as soon as I got in the groove of things  I realized very quickly that I do enjoy being a 'working mama'.  Yup! it makes me focus at work so that I can run home to my babies.  Yesterday I was due to pump so I had a nursing cover, and pumped while I drove home from work, and at the same time I was taking calls from the hospital staff on my earpiece.  We still eat home cooked meals in our house prepared mostly by me (phew! I was concerned about that). Anyways, when I arrived home baby girl topped it up by running to give me her biggest embrace with a loud "Mama! I luh u!"

It is amazing how much of a difference it is going from a mama of one to a mama of two, I am mastering giving both kids attention including my husband (work-in-progress); I feel like I am not as readily available to my friends and family; I've also felt that I have less time for myself but oddly enough it rarely bothers me; I've  felt like I have learned to exercise any and every time that I have with the children; I now feel that the time in the day is too short for me; I've cheated on several occasions on my children's bed time so that I can play with them; I've felt like my priorities have changed, and before I had no time for drama but now I do not tolerate or allow it at all; we always have guests at my house (b-day, baby shower, birth ....) so I am increasingly enjoying hosting; I have less time to exercise (open to tips).

My phone and is planning skills has become one of my best pals, if that appointment is not on my phone I forget it all together;  I have had less time for blogging; or even writing in my children's journal;  Baby girl has also taught me a lot of patience and I am teaching her about boundaries ; she is a 2 year old that came with the package deal- by that I mean all of the challenges that comes with discipline.

Cheers to you all! And I will come back soon.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maternity :)

This pregnancy has not been easy.  In fact it has been more difficult because papa has been gone a lot and taking care of an active toddler alone with a belle has proven to be quite a challege.  We've managed and conquered however; also baby girl is starting to comprehend and is proven to be quite helpful (when given direction).  She is still all over the place though.

We were able to go on vacation/baby moon to disney world in Orlando and Kennedy Space Center.  We rented a homely apartment for a week and that worked better than a hotel.  My parents watched her for a day so that we could go out. It was very nice not worrying about work and waking up to the warmth of your loved ones.

We shot our maternity shot and had a swell time, .... that was after baby decided to tone down her tantrum.  We still are awaiting our surprise but we are closely counting down.  We really are blessed and amazed that very soon we will be the mama's and papa's of two and baby girl will be a big sister. Here re some maternity pics- I can't post 'em all.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair at our house

Hair is such a dreaded event at our house.  Mama has that thick hair and baby girl's hair seems to be headed towards that direction.  These days I am more creative with baby girl's hair but have little to no creativity when it comes to mine. Partly because I am pregnant and tired.

I asked God not to give me all girls mostly because I visited my cousin who has 3 girls with a lot of hair and that my friends terrified me.  Baby is as tender headed as me and so we often do things that must last 2 weeks and if more great.  Below are some of baby's hair growth over 9 months.


I have mostly used Yarn to Braid her hair

We use satin caps in our house

Twist out

Christmas day

Sometimes we leave it alone (but rarely)

2 ponytails (2/2013)

Most recent hair- with African thread and it has lasted the longest

Me with my hair straightened 12/2012 - one year natural

I mostly just do twists and twist out, my hair is usually not as creative.