Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year!

Our Little Elf

At my Work's Xmas party
Happy New Year everyone! We thank God for our little girl because I felt like if it wasn't for her that Christmas would have just passed us by.  Papa put up lights this year and we had our tree from last year and we loved it. I had to work Christmas eve and the day after Christmas but we made Christmas the best for baby girl.  She got so much gifts that we had to take two breaks while opening presents.  I prepared basic dishes but was not able to commit to some of our traditional dishes. We did get out our Christmas letter and card though it was last minute lol.  And I still have a few more left but the ones left to send are to very close understanding friends of ours lol

On New Years Eve I had to work and returned home just in time- hubby and I talked about our goals last year and our goals this year, we thanked God for our many blessings and we were even greatful for the times of stress because with that definitely came many life lessons.  Hubby may be posted to another control and we discussed our plans if that were to happen.  It is a scary thought and we pray that it will not be the case.  I unfortunately have a job that is not flexible at the moment and the separation will add extreme stress to this mama and two children. 
New Year's day

Grandma is doing much better in terms of helping around the house, thanks to your prayers.  She has surprised me many a times and it has made the tension a lot better but I am still very leary and will probably stay that way.  She also seems to understand that it is important to her son to maintain a good relationship with his wife and child but I can tell that sometimes she feels left out and so she has begun to ask to go home.  Which I find normal; I find it abnormal for a woman who has a husband to feel so comfortable in her son's home (without her husband) that she makes her daughter-in-law uncomfortable.  Really what I mean is, if anyone should feel like the third wheel it should be grandma and not the wife. Anyways, we thank God sha.
On our way to church

Enough of that, my sister is bonding with her husband who just relocated from Nigeria last month, and last weekend everyone that haven't met him got to meet him at their second wedding reception.  It was good times, we all got to go and the baby seemed to enjoy being around everyone.  Everyone who hadn't seen me in a while were astonished to see my "big belle." :)
Sissy and Hubby at their wedding reception last wkend

Baby girl has no comprehension of it all and it is funny when she lays on my belle and the baby in my womb kicks back, she looks at my belle, looks at me and lays back on my belle again and when it happens a second time she starts to poke back with a very serious face.  I do tell her there is a baby brother or sister on the way who will be arriving very soon. And I know she will be a good big sister, but sometimes (esp. when she goes into tantrum mode) I really do worry.  Especially now that we don't know if papa will be here with us.  :(
Strolling with baby girl on her trikes