Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair at our house

Hair is such a dreaded event at our house.  Mama has that thick hair and baby girl's hair seems to be headed towards that direction.  These days I am more creative with baby girl's hair but have little to no creativity when it comes to mine. Partly because I am pregnant and tired.

I asked God not to give me all girls mostly because I visited my cousin who has 3 girls with a lot of hair and that my friends terrified me.  Baby is as tender headed as me and so we often do things that must last 2 weeks and if more great.  Below are some of baby's hair growth over 9 months.


I have mostly used Yarn to Braid her hair

We use satin caps in our house

Twist out

Christmas day

Sometimes we leave it alone (but rarely)

2 ponytails (2/2013)

Most recent hair- with African thread and it has lasted the longest

Me with my hair straightened 12/2012 - one year natural

I mostly just do twists and twist out, my hair is usually not as creative.