Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maternity :)

This pregnancy has not been easy.  In fact it has been more difficult because papa has been gone a lot and taking care of an active toddler alone with a belle has proven to be quite a challege.  We've managed and conquered however; also baby girl is starting to comprehend and is proven to be quite helpful (when given direction).  She is still all over the place though.

We were able to go on vacation/baby moon to disney world in Orlando and Kennedy Space Center.  We rented a homely apartment for a week and that worked better than a hotel.  My parents watched her for a day so that we could go out. It was very nice not worrying about work and waking up to the warmth of your loved ones.

We shot our maternity shot and had a swell time, .... that was after baby decided to tone down her tantrum.  We still are awaiting our surprise but we are closely counting down.  We really are blessed and amazed that very soon we will be the mama's and papa's of two and baby girl will be a big sister. Here re some maternity pics- I can't post 'em all.